Thursday, January 21, 2016

Meals this week

This week we've had salmon with rice and steamed vegetables

Sirloin tips with mashed potatoes and zucchini. I mainly ate salmon most of the week the men ate sirloin tips.

On Wednesday the men had hot dogs and french fries and I had a salad.

On Thursday I made beef stew using 1 pound of locally raised grass fed beef, carrots, three sweet potatoes, one white potato very large, dried porcini mushrooms, a lurking jar of beef savory gravy. I have no idea where that came from. Onions.  Dehydrated garlic and a good splash of A1 sauce.

This is what everything looks like when it first went into the crockpot

And this it after

On Friday we had smothered boneless pork chops with mushrooms and onions with rice and vegetables.

I tend to eat the same thing all week so I've mainly been eating salads and the salmon. I may have some of the stew because I know exactly what went into it.

Snowstorm Saturday was chili with beans

And without

Sunday while the men went back to the Uncles to dig out the farm I made sauce, meatballs and chicken sausage.  

Monday and Tuesday should be leftovers!

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