Sunday, January 3, 2016

It is a Can Can time of year!

When D H calls your attention to the television and says have you looked at their flyer? You know that it's time to start restocking the pantry.   Time for the Shoprite can can sale!

This trip was made in December (30th) but counted towards January grocery shopping.  Look at the length of this receipt!    

We use a lot of Olive Oil, and Bertolli EVOO cans were $8.88.     I purchased 2.   Will probably get more on week 2.    Also a treat, 5 twelve packs of Coke products.     We have only been drinking water and coffee with occasional OJ for the men.    

The meat purchased was a Perdue Ready to roast roaster (on sale 6.59-2.00 coupon!!!) Perdue perfect portions chicken cutlets (package had 5 portions on sale for 5.99-2.00 coupon!!!!) a whole porkloin at 1.69 a pound.   I plan on at least 6 meals/recipes from this.   Plus leftovers.   Also, 24 ounce Wright Bacon.    This is the third time I have now purchased this.    Best commercially made bacon we have ever had.    Shop rite had a digital coupon PLUS I got 1.50 back from IBOTTA/saving star.  

10 cans Campbell's Tomato soup, tomato paste, bath tissue, paper towels, huge bottle of Tide, 2 cases of water, 1/2 gallon Apple and Eve cranberry juice (free with shop rite coupon) grain free eggs, one pkg of disposable razors, 3 bottles of scope and 5 lbs of russet potatoes.    

Here is the total:  108.70.     Cash.    Between sale, digital and paper coupons I saved 135.13!!!!

Now, need to plan this weeks trip.    Do not think I will do as well, this trip I had a $10 off store coupon that helped.    But we will see!!


  1. You saved THAT much?!?! Great job! I don't think I have EVER saved that much!

  2. Love the Can Can sale! Thanks for the reminder.....our paper didn't have a shoprite flyer this week....but I have the app on my phone - Tee Hee Hee!


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