Thursday, November 5, 2015

Living Social deal for local produce

Months ago I did a living social deal To Whitneyville Market, a local privately owned market.  I paid $12 to receive $25 worth of meat from their meat case, which is a case that they themselves stock with their own butchered cuts.

I was quite pleased with that purchase and was happy to see that they offered a second living social deal for $20 worth of produce when you spend 10. The deal was sweeter because I had five dollar off coupon in my LivingSocial account and I also purchased it through in a mypoints getting another 20% off.    So out of pocket I spent three dollars.

Below you will see all that I received for an additional $3.57 at the register. I think this haul for $6.57 was amazing and I'm quite pleased with the store and will visit it again when I'm in that town.

Pictured above is a large package of celery hearts, a 4 pound cabbage, 21 pound bags of baby carrots cuts, a Delicada squash that weighed almost 2 pounds, a bunch of Andy boy broccoli Rabeand a beautiful large yellow Cauliflower.

I also got a sourdough baguette from the local bakery bread and chocolate as well as a large square loaf of sourdough bread.  

This deal was ready to expire towards the end of the month.  Now I don't need to buy any local produce at the farmers market this weekend though I will still go to get my English muffins and anything else that I find that I don't normally see in local stores.


  1. Did I read that you bought that bread from the bakery Bread and Chocolate? I have driven by quite often, always wondered about it, yet never stopped in. So it's a place you recommend? I'm not one to EVER pass up good bread! =)

  2. Oh and that produce was definitely GORGEOUS!!!


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