Sunday, November 29, 2015

Holiday shopping

Let the frenzy begin!   I have already cleaned the house from Thanksgiving and gotten everything cleared out for the holiday decorating.  We will wait to start that in December.  I did get the greens out around the yard.  

I am excited to say that I have almost finished my shopping.  The few things that have not been purchased yet will be easy to obtain. 

I got my friend Margaret's girls gifts using Amazon gift cards.  

Daughters gifts were purchased online Wednesday evening and picked up at 10 p.m.  A great bargain (not sharing what we got her in case she reads this)  We saved over $200.00 on her gift. 

Grandmother (God bless her, 98 and still as feisty as ever) will get a gift each week delivered (flowers, chocolates, her favorite brandy soaked fruit cake and cookies) as well as little trinkets almost daily in the mail. 

Mother a new pay as you go ATT android phone.  On sale for 39.99 plus came with a 45 dollar minutes card.   A necessity as she has been using a phone almost 10 years old and not functioning properly.  We also have a few things for her to open on the day. 

DH who is a get me fun things on Christmas type of guy is also done.  Don't want to risk ruining anything so will have to share with you on the 26th.   

Brother in Law (DH brother) is planned and in cart to be ordered on December 1

Sister in Law planned

Pops (aka Gpa P) done

Uncle done

Friends gifts are all planned

Cousins visiting from CA gift is planned

Aunts and cousin who works for me planned 

Nieces and Nephews done

Sister and I don't usually exchange

I used coupons, discount codes, free shipping deals.  Most paid for in cash.   The few things I charged will be paid off on December 8th. 

I feel so accomplished!


  1. You ARE accomplished! I haven't even begun shopping! I'll be waiting until Papa's severance check is in the bank so I know our exact bottom line and budget. So jealous of you! You can now relax and just enjoy the full season! =)

  2. Thank you. I think over the past year I have gotten so much better at planning. I used Bob's coupons (my bday is coming up so I had $20 in free money) to get some stocking stuffer items. Walked out paying nothing. I plan on doing the same thing with the Kohl's $10 card I received for my bday. I used my Kohl's card for discounts, rolling over Kohls cash and free shipping codes PLUS rebates to get three gifts for just a few dollars each. I also did the same thing at target, got a 7 quart RED crockpot for just $3.72! That's for me. :) DH and I planned every item.

  3. You're very fortunate to have a birthday close to the holidays then! I would be doing the same thing if mine was! LOL That crockpot was a STEAL!!! Wow!
    I hope to start some shopping soon - like maybe a little this week with the few coupons I have. I will definitely have to get going with this soon! =)


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