Friday, October 23, 2015

Farmers Market 10/17/15

Sorry about the blurriness of the first two pics.  Also apologize for lateness in posting (almost time for the next farmers market!)    Two cukes, one zucchini, and broccoli from the same organic farmer. $7.50.  Broccoli is delicious, and stems are even sweet and tender. 

New favorite english muffins are the scallion ones in front.  Also got dear hubbies chocolate croissant and raspberry danish.  All from Sono Bakery.  $21.50

Look at that beautiful broccoli!

Two bags of baby greens.  $10.00.  One pound. 

Last of the season green beans.  $3.00 for the quart

Gorgeous leeks.  $5.00.  Huge bunch. 

French baguette $3.00

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