Thursday, October 8, 2015

Big Y Deal! Eggs and Turkey Breast

With all this talk about egg prices, hurry (RUN!) to Big Y. 

A dozen large white eggs $1.88     Limit of 3. 

Also, turkey breast (frozen) .98 cents a pound. 

I got two of those today too.  


  1. Thanks for the tip! Wish I had room in my freezer! I really keep thinking I need to invest in a small freezer chest! Great deals though!

  2. Wish I even had a Big Y around my neck of the woods (SW Georgia). I would have RUN big time to get the eggs. And some of that turkey breast - I have a tiny freezer but I would have made room somehow!!! But no... we are paying OUTRAGEOUS amts for eggs - well, no I have refused to buy eggs. I did get some generic egg white cartons in August, but that's it. No real eggs since Memorial Day week. Lordy I miss eggs!!! But I won't pay $4-5 for a dozen ($3.99 to over $5).


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