Saturday, October 31, 2015

Farmers Market 11/1/2015

Hoping to get Chard, Broccoli, Cauliflower.  This is what I found for Produce. I also got my six chive English muffins and DH's sweets from SONO bakery.

Four dollars

Two beautiful heads of broccoli one which we already used in a meal and the other I hope to use for broccoli cheddar soup later in the week.

One dollar

Just one pretzel roll.

Almost $20 but well worth it

2 pounds of chicken sausage. This is the best lowest fat chicken sausage I've ever had.

Five dollars and change don't remember the exact amount

The Uncle always goes with me when he's in Connecticut and he saw this product and requested we buy it to try it. It is beef kielbasa made from the local farm where I got my half of a pig a year ago. He took two of the links home and I use them for a new creation for grandpa P to enjoy.

Six dollars

Always have to get my Swiss chard!

What has been cookin.....

Chicken Sausage and Swiss Chard

Beautiful Beef, mushroom leek soup.  I had a spoonful.  I kid you not.

Chili with Beans for Gpa P

Chili with no beans for DH.  Eventually they were both combined.  Gpa P still had a bit left for today's lunch. 

More Swiss Chard.  We like Chard. 

Not pictured is also fake baked potato soup using that beautiful head of cauliflower from the Produce farmers market.  A roasted chicken that I also made soup with.  Our fish dish of the week was  salmon with broccoli from the farmers markets and rice.

Best student gift EVER!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Farmers Market 10/25/2015

Total spent $51.31

SoNo Bakery scallion english muffins, DH's chocolate croissant and raspberry danish.  $22.50   Always my biggest spend at the market.  

I also bought a sourdough baugette from the City Seed table.  $3.75

$4.00 mini eggplants from my new organic market share (2016) market. 

Chicken Sauasage $10.56

Last tomatoes, $3.00

Cauliflower (huge) 3.50

Brussell sprout greens, 9.6 ounces

The brussell sprout greens came from this!  $4.00

After picking the sprouts off I weighed them.   Over 2 pounds of sprouts PLUS the greens!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Why I never did a CSA,and the alternative I have joined!

Though I am always excited to go to the farmers market, (any farmers market) I never wanted to spend the money on a CSA as I didn't like not being able to pick what I get or it's quality.  CTMOM at CTONABUDGET has been dealing with some dissatisfaction.

How excited was I to find out that this organic farm offered 10 'market shares'.   For a set amount of $500.00 I will get $550.00 to spend at this organic farm market stand.  This breaks down to $18.00 average per the week if I go every week the market is open.   I spend more than that on produce some weeks, so I am all for it.  I got one of the shares!  They also do a traditional CSA, but I am quite happy with my choice.  Read up about them, they are a great farm!

Garlic is in!

Organic garlic is in.  Three different types.  Organic.  Looking forward to lots of scapes and then lots of garlic to share.  

Farmers Market 10/17/15

Sorry about the blurriness of the first two pics.  Also apologize for lateness in posting (almost time for the next farmers market!)    Two cukes, one zucchini, and broccoli from the same organic farmer. $7.50.  Broccoli is delicious, and stems are even sweet and tender. 

New favorite english muffins are the scallion ones in front.  Also got dear hubbies chocolate croissant and raspberry danish.  All from Sono Bakery.  $21.50

Look at that beautiful broccoli!

Two bags of baby greens.  $10.00.  One pound. 

Last of the season green beans.  $3.00 for the quart

Gorgeous leeks.  $5.00.  Huge bunch. 

French baguette $3.00

Thursday, October 15, 2015

What has been cooking.......

Broccoli Rabe and Chicken Breast

I roasted ( or rather DH did). A turkey breast from Big Y (.98 a pound) and I made a gorgeous stock from the carcass.     The leftover meat became part of a ginger vegetable turkey soup.    

Meatloaf with a pound of grass fed beef, one egg, onion, breadcrumbs and tomato soup

Grass fed stew beef


Onion, potato and carrot added.   Beef broth and worsteshire sauce for stew

Swiss chard

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Farmer's Market 10/11/15

I always make a bee line to SONO Bakery first.  DH looks forward to his Chocolate Croissant and Raspberry Danish.  I also got 6 of their English Muffins.  This is my one gluten product that I will allow myself.  I try to limit gluten.  Sometimes it is pretzel rolls, and sometimes these muffins.  Other times I go for rye bread. I also treated myself this week, and bought a slice of lemon pound cake.  It has very little sugar in it and lots of lemon.  I ate half of the slice.  Total spent was $24.25.   A bit pricey I know, but quality. 

Next was Four Root Farm, certified organic.  Had a nice chat with some of the farmers.  I purchased some fresh ginger, and plan on using the greens in soups and not sure what to do with the hand.  Any ideas?  It was so beautiful and fresh...........  A pie pumpkin and a bunch of swiss chard.  $10.75

Final stop was another organic farm (but I don't remember their name!)   A huge beautiful head of broccoli and 4 yellow squash.  I know the season for the squash is almost done, but I want to enjoy it as much as I can.  DH ribbon slices it it and sautes with onion and butter.  Like eating noodles.   

Pepperidge farms outlet store

DH and I had a rare full day together!     His job had inventory today so the HUB he manages here in CT had no deliveries.  

I went to the farmers market (separate post) with the Uncle in the morning.   Then after breakfast we went off to the Tanger outlet in Westbrook.      The goal was to replace our 20 year old assorted pots and pans for newer better quality.    

We did.....but this post is about me finding a bakery outlet there!    Here is what we got for a whopping $13.68.  

DH is happy with his snacking future, and I was happy with the price.  Not sure how my photos got flipped around, forgive the side views.

Raisin Cinnamon swirl bread and marble/rye bread.  


new favorite goldfish 'puffs'.  41 pieces is a serving, I like that hubby see's quantity with a baked not to many calories salty treat. 

Pretzel thins for me.  

A bag of 12 single serving puffs. 

a carton of 20 single serve milanos. 

Freebies below were thrown in because I paid with singles and then offered them 10 dollars more of singles when they became excited that I had so many.  Nice bonus.