Sunday, September 27, 2015

Is it just me, or would you be annoyed too?

Loaf of bread entered house at 11:30 am

A nice nut and raisin bread.    Retail was $6.95

DH and I went out from 12:30 to 7.   This is how much is left.  

Both ends gone, about two and a half inches left.   

Thank goodness it was part of my friends reward at the farmers market.  

So, would this annoy or frustrate you?     


  1. Yep, that would totally annoy the heck outta me! That's a LOT of bread to disappear in one afternoon!

  2. Both. Frustrated that food has to be 'hidden'. Annoyed (at myself) that I didn't hide a treat like that. Did you talk to him about these things? He has to understand it bugs you.

    1. He does, and I have. I truly believe he has a binging disorder. He will eat at times to the point of being ill. Another reason I have to be so controlled in my own eating habits. Sometimes I found myself eating in defense just because I wanted to have it and not due to need or hunger. The Uncle and DH and even DS have discussed it at length. I just like to know I am not just a big Whiney B.

  3. Yah, I would be annoyed too. But then again I am old and crotchety and lots of things annoy me now. lolz

    My kids use to do this. It got to a point where I would hide and/or lock up certain items so they couldn't eat them....or I stopped buying or only bought certain items when I was ready to eat it.

  4. This was pops and uncle. Pops just doesn't know how much he consumes. We hide things all the time. I just assumed that since Uncle bought bagels the loaf might last a few days. I am grateful he didn't touch the pretzel rolls. He did have two bagels before we left.


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