Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Grocery Budget September 2015

This month I tried to be very strict with the budget.  I even placed my max in an envelope in cash ($500).  Today is September 23, and I have $162.50 left!   I may not even spend all of it.  I made a huge effort to control spending.  I also had to get tough with our house guest (who is finally in his own house as of this past Monday) I had to tell him we are not a restaurant, you are affecting my budget, we will eat out of the freezer and pantry for the remainder of your stay.  That discussion was on the 12th.  It worked.  

Total spent was $95.66 for the month.  Previous posts on the farmers market showed my purchases.


Total spent between three trips was $78.26.    2.5 dozen eggs, 31 cups of yogurt, two 4 packs of minature yogurts, 4 large bottles of Kens creamy italian dressing (DH favorite), 2 cases of store brand 24 packs spring water on flash sale for 1.88 each (plus 1.20 deposit each case), organic baby carrots (free!), 2 large big Y roasting chickens .78 cents a pound (amazing price!), 3 friendly's ice cream (I know, after I went off on the uncle and pops.....but I made it clear to my father and my husband that these three should last for a LONG TIME)   As I had planned to get them, there was plenty of room in the freezer.  No one should be leaving the door open (twice this happened, once the Uncle couldn't get it closed so he just left it partially open....I mean really?  And then again my father didn't close the house freezer, and I threw away two garbage bags of spoiled food).  I don't eat icecream, so my calorie count is safe.   I also got two large packages of perdue ground chicken breast, B1G1F.  

 Total spent for the month 150.09     Two 35 pack cases of spring water, gallon of milk, chicken burgers, lettuce, tomato, sirloin tips, Ten pound bag of large baking potatoes, Four packages of store brand boneless skinless chicken breasts at 1.79 a pound (amazing price)  These were all triple wrapped in meal sized packages and then put in freezer bags.  Salmon, Egglands Best egg whites, celery, mushrooms, carrots.  

Last food purchase was at Brueggers bagels, bakers dozen fresh bagels, two cream cheese, $13.49

I am so proud of my efforts.  


  1. You did such a great job on September's grocery budget!!! And, like I think I told you before, good for you for laying down the law with your uncle!!! You ended up with quite a lot of food for not a lot of money! =)

  2. You go girl! I'm only up to $125.78 as of today for September. I gave myself $350 this month. I may do a shop early next week before Sept. if over but I'll be well under my goal for the month too.

  3. Awesome! and good for you to seak up to DU about his food habits and your budget.

  4. Wow! You did great!! I'm off to the store later today, but just for apples and milk and bananas


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