Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Frugal Activities


I can now do three (count 3!!!) laundry baskets of dark's at a time, with room to spare.   


I picked thirty pounds of apples from our yard so far.  Keep giving them to my friend Margaret to make apple butter.  She shares some of the bounty back to me.  Here was the first jar.  I had a teaspoon.   Pops ate the entire rest of the jar on a flat bread, rolling it like a jelly roll.  When I asked him if he had to eat the entire jar he said yes, because I know you can get more.  Arggghh


  1. I would be so pissed off! How do you keep from screaming?! Sucks that you may have to hide the next jar.

    1. I vent alot to certain people. It is not always easy to control my feelings. Worst is after a 12 hour day and he has eaten all that DH had prepared for all of us to eat. He forgets he has eaten.

  2. Maybe I should label the next batch something gross like, "sour prune and parsley dip" or "vinegar cinnamon sauce", lol!


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