Sunday, September 13, 2015

Farmers Market Finds

Well, the Uncle is back from Italy and will be in our house for one more week.     He went with me to the market today, wants it to be our thing to do together.    Since DH is at work, he feels better that I am not going alone.    DS is moving out of state, and I have been going by myself to get used to it.

Anyway, planned on spending 35.  Spent 45 as uncle fell in love with some things he sampled.  

These farm made hummus' were the items that threw me off by 10.    I will probably have some too.    

Also got this lovely organic chard from the same farm.   $6

Eggplant $4

Squash and cukes $4

Two lovely heads of organic lettuce was just $3!   

Some gorgeous orange and heirloom tomatoes $8

Not pictured is 4 pretzel rolls $4 and DH Chocolate croissant.  3.75.  


  1. That produce is beautiful! What will you do with the chard?

  2. I always put it in a big pan with some chicken stock to steam, then add some fresh garlic, freshly ground nutmeg and olive oil. Sometimes I add some pancetta or sausage. This is enough for two large pots. If I don't tell my father it's for more than one person he will eat an entire pot of it himself.


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