Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Stoltzfus Meats and the best Pretzels!

Another planned visit was to the store Stoltzfus Meats     We had purchased some of their products from the downtown lancaster farmers market our last trip.   This time we went right to where the products are made.  DH sampled all he could (all of the food based businesses are big on sampling, they want to make sure you like what you purchase)    He chose this Bologna (more like a salami, but all their meats were marked as a style of Bologna).     They also have a Lebanon Sweet Bologna which was truly sweet, so he didn't like it.  $9.30 for a bit over a pound, but he felt was truly worth it. 

I was excited to purchase this pound of Amish made butter.  Oh my, this is the real deal.  It is fantastic (we had it with the corn tonight).   Delish!

Last but not least, make sure you visit Immergut Hand-Rolled Soft Pretzels in Intercourse.  Even though I try not to eat wheat products, I make an exception for these.  So good.  

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  1. We will actually be in Lancaster next Thursday and Friday taking my son to his first year of college at Millersville. I will need to look for that store. Thanks, my dh loves different types of meat and would love that butter. Cheryl


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