Sunday, August 30, 2015

Starting to try and rein in the men

It has been a struggle these last 30 days.   Uncle is still with us, and I don't forsee  him moving into his own home until at least late September.

He will be traveling out of the country starting on September 4 and we can fo back to our routine for 12 days.   But he told me he intends on returning to our home until he has his house just right.   

DH says you do for family.    I must say I was never a houseguest in anyones house longer than 10 days.   And i certainly tried to not interfere with their household flow.  And I was 16 then!

In our travels to the farmers market today he and I discussed that he cannot keep making requests for meals as if we are a restaurant. I told him I'd be taking meats out of the freezer for future meals this week but that tonight we would be having shrimp.  Not the chicken that he was requesting.

Chicken will be tomorrow (Monday).  Pork loin Wednesday.   He has plans to go out Tuesday.    

I also told him after he caused an avalanche in my kitchen freezer (he was trying to jam a carton of ice cream in it) that I had made space for his ice-cream in the garage freezer.     Never let men over 70 go to the grocery store.     This Is an unreasonable   amount of ice cream for one household.    


  1. The most I ever have in the freezer(except for a few times I've gotten a real deal)is 2 ice cream containers, and that's with Hubs and I and a teenage boy in the house...who can go thru a carton in 1.5 days. lol
    I hope you get your houseguest out very soon!

  2. Great job firmly (but lovingly I'm sure) telling your Uncle the new rules. It had to be done for your sanity and bottom financial line!
    As for the ice cream, WOW that is a LOT! My youngest daughter could eat ice cream for every meal and snack of the day and I don't think I have ever had FOUR 1/2 gallons in the freezer before. (well possibly once when there was an amazing sale.)
    Enjoy your "break" back to your old routine while he is away. have to tell you, we have been in our house for almost 12 years and it's STILL not the way I want it. Houses are works in progress - it may be good to remind your houseguest of this.


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