Monday, August 24, 2015

City Seed Edgewood Farmers market 8/23/15

We are on day 24 of my Uncle who has retired as a house guest.  It is baffling to me, when his house is furnished, but it seems he wants EVERYTHING in it's place before he stays there.  It is trying at times, but I'm trying to be supportive.  Financially it has been a strain, as he is used to being catered to and waited on, and I'm trying to keep things in check.  I actually have STOPPED planning any meals, as I in past visits have ended up throwing out a lot of food as it 'wasn't what he felt like having'.

He visited the farmers market with me yesterday, and I was surprised he didn't add to my purchases.  He was in 'observing' mode.

Whole G Bakery from New Haven Pretzel Rolls (6) and a chocolate croissant.  $8.00

Organic Tomatoes (12) and Swiss Chard (2 huge bunches) $10.50  I already cooked one batch of Swiss Chard in some bacon fat (and though my father said it wasn't good he ate the entire much for tasting what it was like, lol)

2 Large Zucchini, 3 medium yellow squash, 6 pickling cukes. 8.25

That's all the news that is fit to print!


  1. Boo to your Uncle for throwing a wrench in your menu planning! You are in a hard spot because it's not like when it's your kids and you can say "Eat what I make or starve." You have so major patience and are a good niece!!!

    1. If you could hear some of my thoughts you wouldn't think so. He is wealthy, and thinks nothing of leaving doors open when air is on, leaving the freezer door open because he couldn't close it and I found it hours later (and yes, contents...though minimal were all defrosted. Thank goodness it was the garage fridge freezer which I don't use for much) and acting like him being there means we should stop working at the drop of a hat as he wants to do something. I am trying. I say DH is a saint, he handles it with much more patience than I do.


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