Saturday, July 4, 2015

What's been cooking?

Lunches and Dinners

I took a bag out of the freezer which contained sliced Smithfield Honey Spiral Ham from the last ham we baked.   I used some of the ham to make a Ham/Carrot/Onion/Celery/White Kidney Bean soup.  Had to make sure Pops had his Sunday soup while we drove to RI.

Also made three ham and assorted veggie quiches Tuesday evening.  I used the last of an egg white carton, two store bought eggs, two farm eggs.  The last of a bag of shredded shop rite cheddar cheese.  A bag of frozen sliced green onion from the garden, broccoli, white onion were the veggies.  These are used for breakfast or lunches.  Today is Thursday and one is gone already.

Monday dinner  Pork chops from a whole pork loin purchased for 1.99 a pound.  The rest was frozen as a roast for another day.  Frozen broccoli and white rice.

Tuesday Dinner  Baramunda fish filets from the freezer (purchased at BJ's months ago), brown rice and asparagus.  I actually ate Baramunda three times this week.

Wednesday we got Chinese takeout (we plan for this twice a month) Pops actually kicked in $20.00, so my OOP for the four of us was just $17.47.  I always wonder why my steamed shrimp/mixed vege is always so much more than what everyone else gets that has all sorts of sauces and probably preservatives.  Love this particular restaurant that is near the studio...just which they had brown rice.

Thursday London Broil Marinating purchased today for $1.99 a pound.  Have almost three pounds, will be freezing the leftovers sliced thinly to add to a salad on a hot day.  Choices of sides to be decided, but I gave DH choice of corn (have more than enough ears for today and the 4th), potatoes (again more than enough) rice (my go to starch) and asparagus.  Leftovers were frozen (unsliced) and will be used for a future salad.

Salmon Potato Puff was made Sunday as well for Pops, he and DD polished this off by Tuesday (DD calls this salmon stuffing)

I tend to eat two sit down meals with a yogurt or a soy protein bar in between.

Friday will probably be leftovers as I am running errands with a friend, seeing her new house and going to breakfast with her too.  DH and I ended up getting lobster rolls and got Gpa P a softshell crab sandwich.

Fourth of July was a visit to the Wooster Farmers market (watch for another post) and than a cookout.  I had made two different pasta salads (one gluten and mayo free) potato salad, baked beans, corn on the cob, coleslaw, hotdogs, hamburgers, chicken florentine burgers and sausage pattys.  Five people ate (DD had a friend over) and we definitely don't need to cook tomorrow.  

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