Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Picked fresh today

Fresh English Shelling peas.  I have another container in the fridge already.  That one was .5 pounds.  So all together, for probably 50 cents worth of seeds I've gotten almost 2 pounds of peas just this week.  

I would say that retail at the local farmers market this amount (from what I picked this week) would be $8.00.  I used organic seeds, and no chemicals of any kind.  I will be home early tonight from the studio, so I will be shelling as soon as I get home.  


  1. Nice! Brings back memories of my great aunt's garden in Oxford, CT! I would love to shell and pop them in my mouth right in the garden. Enjoy!

  2. You gave definately gotten your money's worth! They were pricey at the farmers market thus week, I passed by them and went for the raspberries. More joy for the buck


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