Thursday, July 2, 2015

July purchases so far

I actually don't plan on spending anymore in meat this month.  We are away for a work/semi vacation trip 5 days this month.  I want us to keep eating down from the stock in the freezers.  I plan on replenishing lots of meat in August and September.  I will however continue to look for deals as I mention later in this blog if I find them, and put them at the back or bottom of the freezers for future use.  I was recently a bit un-nerved (is this a word?) by some a recent blog post made at the  and comments about us needing to have large food storage.  Thanks to a friend for putting things in perspective. 

In a Sunday adventure to RI this past weekend, we picked up two boxes of Saugy Hot Dogs.  The only kind DH absolutely likes.  We froze one box, and the other box is earmarked for July 4th cookout.  These are NOT available in CT.  Definitely have to plan for this purchase.  Sometimes if DH has drivers going into RI he will give them money and directions to the nearest Stop and Shop.   Here is a link to their Saugy website.  6 pounds of Saugy's was 31.98.  

I spent 96.38 at Stop and Shop this morning.  More than I originally planned to spend, but in following CTMOM at I am starting to search for the bargains. 

In the SS flyer they had a 5 pound bag of Russets for 2.49.  I did not feel this was a great deal at all, but DH wants potato salad and we have been out of potatoes for a while.  I just couldn't put the small bag in my cart.  I went to the potato/onion display hoping to find something better.  Oh boy, did I!   A 10 pound bag of the SAME POTATOES.   $3.49!!   They actually looked better than the 5 pound bag.  

I also found ground chicken breast marked down (dated July 3rd which is tomorrow as write this) for $3.00 a pound. Originally $5.49 a pound.   I purchased two pounds.  Tucked those in the freezer for a future chili/meatloaf/meatball plan.

The rest of the items purchased were on my list.  Deals were a dozen ears of corn for $1.92,    2.71 pounds of cherries for $5.09, London Broil 3.76 pounds for $7.48,  A whole seedless watermelon for $3.99, Stop and Shop hotdog and hamburger rolls for a dollar a package.  An eight ounce bag of Stop and Shop shredded cheese for FREE.

Also got nectarines, blueberries, hamburger patties, gluten free pasta (for DS), 3 pounds of Dole shredded coleslaw mix for $5.00 (yes, would be cheaper to shred my own, but figured I could stretch this out as it has good dates)  DH favorite salad dressing (on sale though kicked myself as I knew I had coupons at home) my favorite cole slaw dressing (not on sale), two cases of water (an eh price, even though supposedly on sale) Grey Poupon course mustard (my favorite and on sale) huge jar of salad green olives (half the price of the perfect ones in the same sized jar) gallon of milk, round loaf of a local italian bread sliced, two local yogurts I've been wanting to try so treated myself, bananas.  I had coupons for the cherries, cheese, london broil and $3.00 off your purchase.

Total spent so far in July is $128.36 (did get .40 back to my Ibotta account for the bananas and milk, and additional 20% will come back from Savingstar for the bananas as well)

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  1. I read that blog post and comments too about large food storage. The problem is that no matter how much you stockpile if there is a massive disruption in goods/services in the US eventually you will run out. But that being said it's probably better to have a goodly sized food storage than not.
    The even more important issue is to have skills to keep yourself going through those sort of times. How many people have the skills to grow/preserve food, keep warm, cook without a regular oven/stove, etc.


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