Friday, July 17, 2015

Frugal activities

This is probably the only frugal activity that I've done this week. Picking lots of salad greens from the backyard.  Did loads of laundry during the day when we returned, and am running the dishwasher now (also during the day)

I am happy to say that we planned for this working vacation trip we just returned from, and even though we did use a credit card while there, I paid it off in full when we got home.  Everything was budgeted, and we even came home with cash!  So I guess that was a frugal activity too. 


  1. Great job on planning the vacation accordingly! Nice to come home with some extra cash!

  2. A little extra wallet lettuce & kitchen lettuce is always good :-).

    How do I add photos on my posts? Yours look great.

    1. Hi CT Bargain Mom. Thanks! I use blogger app on my phone. Makes it so easy to post pictures. In the past I took a pic and emailed it to myself, then downloaded it to PC and then downloaded to blog. Switching to the app made it a snap!


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