Wednesday, July 15, 2015

First day back from convention

Well, back in the land of reality.   This event was actually very relaxing, not like previous one's that were go go go and learn learn learn.

I did learn, but in a very fun and relaxed way.   Focus was on film, lighting and soundtracks.  DH enjoyed this one especially, as the entire purpose was the discussion of the impact of the filming of Jaws 40 years ago on the economy and how it changed the Vineyard (for the better?)

Today and tomorrow I am still technically on vacation, (but will be seeing students for reschedules tomorrow)  Today so far I have been doing laundry and went for some labwork, then to BJ's.

Still haven't deciphered yet how much I need to replenish.   Gpa P seems to have been living on yogurt, canned tuna, eggs (he cleaned us out) and Campbells Tomato soup.

DD also moved away out of state, and I knew she had taken a big stock pile too.

I will slowly get back into the grove, but today I feel a bit 'out of it'.  Not sure why.  My get up and go is perhaps still on the island?

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