Monday, July 27, 2015

City Seed Friends of the Edgewood Market

I think the program this year is an even better deal!   I paid $30.00 for my Friends of the Edgewood Market membership card.  All of this money goes back into supporting operations specific to this market including programming, marketing and outreach, cooking demos, community tables, increasing product diversity and market entertainment.

This year, it's a punch card (and laminated which I really like).  I also received a copy of the CitySeed cookbook (which I already purchased the year it came out, so I gifted it to my sister) which has a retail value of $14.95.   This program is only valid at Edgewood.   They punched my card (each card holds 8 punches)  When I reach 8, I get a loaf of bread, $10.00 in market tokens and a new punch card!  The program is valid from July 26-Dec 20.  I plan on being there almost every Sunday!

I think this is a great deal!  In past years, you could purchased a discounted item at a different vendor each week.   I am much more excited about this program, as sometimes I didn't want the item in previous years.

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  1. Well now, this might heighten my motivation to check into the Edgewood market even more! Thanks for letting us know! =)


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