Wednesday, June 10, 2015

More June shopping

DH said let's go to costco, so off we went!   It was a welcome change of pace from BJ's as they have different products.......and it was the only time I could have him with me to do some shopping.  Sunday June 9th was my only day off from the 1st through the 15th this month.  It also was helpful to buy their shrimp salad and chicken salad as I have been working so much.  Not frugal I know (and today I bought some smaller than usual for us shrimp to continue the trend of shrimp salad in a more frugal way) but very helpful for me to bring lunches.  For 191.93 we purchased a Huge bag of snapea crisp (baked peadpods, my 'potato chip') Cheesy skinny pop popcorn, DH's favorite Irish cheese, Huge bottle of taco seasoning, DH's favorite assortment pack of salamis, 5 pounds of frozen broccoli, Peanut butter stuffed pretzels, 18 pk Thomas' English muffins, Shrimp U11-15, Townhouse crackers, 5 pounds of beefsteak tomatoes, Taboule, Tzitziki sauce, Beef rib eye steaks (fed the four of us for two meals), ciabatta rolls and pastry crisps.

 Half of the rolls I have frozen as as well as one 9 pk of english muffins.   The steaks are long gone and so is the popcorn.  The shrimp salad is gone (got six meals out of it)  There is probably enough chicken salad left for 2 more sandwiches.

Amazon Pantry 24.47 (see post here)

Big Y 21.98

10 Yocrunch yogurt for $5.00, 2 oranges, 1.23 lbs of broccoli rabe, huge box of strawberries, pint of strawberries and a slab of watermelon.

Stop and Shop  49.52

Reduced bakery sliced bread.  6.5 ounces pepperoni, sour cream, egg whites, philly cream cheese, Green pepper, bananas, cherries, half a watermelon, celery, dressing, boxed spring mix reduced by a dollar coupon, yogurt blue cheese dressing, U31/40 shrimp.  I had a $3.00 coupon off $30 and got .20 back on the pepper and banana.  

$287.90 spent.  Total for month spent $509.40.  Yes, over my $500 for the month, but we won't need any more meat for the month, and alot of these snacky type items I have hid in spare bedrooms, closets, basement pantry and studio storage room so that we will have snacky items for the next three months.


  1. I keep hearing a rumor (ok read in the paper) that a costco is comin to the Branford/Guilford area.....I wish it would hurry up - BJs has gone down hill a lot in the last year - maybe some competition is what's needed

  2. DH is on top of that rumor. Supposedly going in across from TA on the road heading into Stony Creek. People in stony creek don't want it as it will increase traffic?!? No where near their area, and would benefit so many in terms of shopping options and employment. He wants to try to get in there for work. His 330 am to Noon is really getting to him.. (Never mind the on call 7 days a week)...and I would be fine driving there to shop.

  3. I'm with you about starting to "hide" some snacks! If it's in the kitchen, then it's fair game! I have a feeling I am going to need lots of flexibility this summer with kids being at my house so I need some stuff stored away!


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