Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Frugal Deeds this week

Not to frugal this past week due to working a lot outside of the home, but I did get a few things accomplished.

Continue to do laundry and run dishwasher at bedtime.

We did not run the AC at the studio or the house.  Ceiling fan in our bedroom was only used one night.

I sold $49 dollars worth of items on ebay!   I tried facebook tagsale first, but people were doing such low balling (i.e. I wanted 30 for a very good condition film camera that is current in technology.  I got offers of $5, 10 and 15 with the arguments they would need to buy film and processing)  I sold it on ebay for 29.99 plus shipping.  Other items were music teaching related and one antique salesman sample stove.

I have harvested a pound of strawberries from the garden.

I created a new casserole recipe with very little cost (free canned salmon, free instant mashed potatoes were the main ingredients)

How were you frugal this week?

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