Friday, June 26, 2015

Frugal Accomplishments

Picked a load of Butter Bibb lettuce.  So delicious.

Created a salad from the lettuce and onion from the garden. 

Didn't go out for our wedding anniversary, had the filet mignon I had purchased last week at 6.99 a pound at Shop Rite.

Picked a pound of peas from the garden. 

Made a quiche from the last bag of prepped zucchini/onion from the freezer. 

Bought whole fruits/melons and made our own fruit salad instead of splurging for the prepared. 

Only went to Starbucks three times this week (no OOP, as I was gifted Starbucks from three families)

Made my own cold pressed iced coffee. 

Did all laundry after 9 at night, hanging two loads.  Ran two loads in the dryer at bed time. 

Ran dishwasher once after 9 p.m. 

Made the choice to pay DD's car insurance in full (saved her almost 300 dollars instead of doing monthly billing!) and she will pay me back monthly.  

Sold three items on ebay netting 35 dollars AND made the choice to sell my electric violin to a student who really wanted one but good quality one's even used were over 500 dollars.  In discussing with DH, figuring out how many years I've had it and that I 'rented' it from the original purchase price of 800 I told the family I would sell it to them for 250.  They agreed.  I rarely used it, mainly to show students how touchy this type of instrument is.  The young lady who will receive it from her parents really had a great touch with it.  I'm happy to have it go to her.  

Picked a pound of strawberries.  

Got a pound of baby carrots and a 128 ounce Arizona Iced Tea for free with coupons at Stop and Shop.  Purchased produce, an entire pork loin for 1.99 a pound, two 6 packs of paper towels and bread this week also at Stop and Shop.  Total spend was 98.15

Had purchased a dress for recital from Kohls that I loved.  I love how it fits me, and I feel very comfortable wearing it.  I love the idea of dresses, but rarely find ones that I love to be in.  The original price was 64.00, but I got it on sale for 45 and then I took 10 dollars off with a coupon. 

I checked today and the dress is now 38.40.  I bought three more in different patterns.  Used another coupon and scored free shipping PLUS twenty dollars in Kohls cash.   Probably not the most frugal price, but I do tend to wear clothes until they wear out.  

How did you do in your frugal choices this week?


  1. Your lettuce greens make me green with envy! While I do enjoy our CSA, going out back and picking tonight's dinner out of my own garden is something that I miss,and look forward to at my next forever home. Today, DS had his follow up meeting for his Summer job, and we learned that he needs khaki pants, which he doesn't own. I checked on line at Kohl's, then JCP and ended up getting 2 pairs at JCP having them shipped to the Mall-just 10 minutes from here, in order to save shipping charges. I also used a promo code I got on line, saving an additional $10 off of the sale price. I paid less than $34 for 2 pairs of pants, for which I have alternative resources to cover the actual cost. Next up: 2 T's in a certain color, for which I plan on trying WM-not my favorite destination, but I am hopeful I can find some cheaply there.

    1. I saw the deals you got, great job!

  2. Bought cheese for .74¢ a block....need I say more? lol

    I am like you....find something I like/fits/right price and I buy multiples and wear them into oblivion. ;-)

    1. You did great on all those cheese purchases!

  3. You did great this week! I am curious about the "after 9pm" use of electricity - I didn't know CT suppliers offer that!!! Do you have Eversource as your supplier? And, I completely agree about your justification of buying those dresses! Snatch them up and enjoy them - they will last for years! =)

    1. According to a client who works for one of the electric companies (I have UI at home) we have to generate energy to maintain the grid 24/7. More energy is expended during peak hours. The cost per KW is less after hours. I have noticed a reduction in our bill, so I am assuming the fact I all laundry and dishwasher running when I get home from work. I am excited about the dresses, they should arrive by Wednesday.

    2. We had CL&P (now taken over by Eversource). I may have to see if rearranging some of my chores will make a difference or not. It can't hurt to try and I'm usually up later in the summer anyway! =)

  4. Your lettuce looks yummy! I can't wait to re-establish my garden area next spring.


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