Friday, June 26, 2015

Frugal Accomplishments

Picked a load of Butter Bibb lettuce.  So delicious.

Created a salad from the lettuce and onion from the garden. 

Didn't go out for our wedding anniversary, had the filet mignon I had purchased last week at 6.99 a pound at Shop Rite.

Picked a pound of peas from the garden. 

Made a quiche from the last bag of prepped zucchini/onion from the freezer. 

Bought whole fruits/melons and made our own fruit salad instead of splurging for the prepared. 

Only went to Starbucks three times this week (no OOP, as I was gifted Starbucks from three families)

Made my own cold pressed iced coffee. 

Did all laundry after 9 at night, hanging two loads.  Ran two loads in the dryer at bed time. 

Ran dishwasher once after 9 p.m. 

Made the choice to pay DD's car insurance in full (saved her almost 300 dollars instead of doing monthly billing!) and she will pay me back monthly.  

Sold three items on ebay netting 35 dollars AND made the choice to sell my electric violin to a student who really wanted one but good quality one's even used were over 500 dollars.  In discussing with DH, figuring out how many years I've had it and that I 'rented' it from the original purchase price of 800 I told the family I would sell it to them for 250.  They agreed.  I rarely used it, mainly to show students how touchy this type of instrument is.  The young lady who will receive it from her parents really had a great touch with it.  I'm happy to have it go to her.  

Picked a pound of strawberries.  

Got a pound of baby carrots and a 128 ounce Arizona Iced Tea for free with coupons at Stop and Shop.  Purchased produce, an entire pork loin for 1.99 a pound, two 6 packs of paper towels and bread this week also at Stop and Shop.  Total spend was 98.15

Had purchased a dress for recital from Kohls that I loved.  I love how it fits me, and I feel very comfortable wearing it.  I love the idea of dresses, but rarely find ones that I love to be in.  The original price was 64.00, but I got it on sale for 45 and then I took 10 dollars off with a coupon. 

I checked today and the dress is now 38.40.  I bought three more in different patterns.  Used another coupon and scored free shipping PLUS twenty dollars in Kohls cash.   Probably not the most frugal price, but I do tend to wear clothes until they wear out.  

How did you do in your frugal choices this week?

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

All the furniture is here!

The final piece   Finally!    And no speeding tickets!

The beautiful details on this hatbox.  

 The one on the right was supposed to be mine, but we decided (did we?)  DH decided that it was larger and that he would take it.  I got the smaller (and honestly the first piece that I found, so I am happy with it) hatbox cabinet, and I got the entire 3 drawer oak cabinet.

We still plan on ripping all the carpet out, and I'm not thrilled that the cable box is on my hatbox cabinet but I will manage to deal with it.  I would like to hide the wires better.

The chair in between the hatbox cabinets is a library chair.  It can flip out into a ladder.

The best part of this adventure is how great the business owners at  .

We had made plans with them to come back up early on Father's Day to pick up this last piece.  They were returning from Aruba (and had left for this trip 4 days after we made the purchases).  Well, they got stuck, and were not going to be back in time.  They found a friend who had access to their store, they had him call us, and he let us know he would be meeting us.  They were stuck in an airport and remembered that we were coming and made sure we got our furniture.  Now that is great customer service, and I hope that the majority of my clients feel about me the way I feel about this antique store owners.  

Friday, June 19, 2015

In the vegetable garden

Oregano and butter bibb lettuces. 

Finally have peas!

This fennel is beautiful!

Another onion ready to be harvested.

More butterbig lettuce and broccoli

Look at that beautiful onion!


Frugal Accomplishments

Did most laundry and dishwasher loads at bed time.  Hung up 3 loads of laundry.

We only had one can of trash this week, down from two!   This is due to composting and starting to purchase more things in bulk.  I cut up all boxes and recycle them at the studio.

Cut up the long stem of an onion I harvested and froze.  Had a delicate onion flavor.  All ready for a soup, casserole or quiche!

Put the onion flower in water to enjoy it opening up.  Going to see if I can plant the seeds for perhaps more onions in the future?  Any thoughts on this people?

Saved the onion and chili sauce that was leftover from chinese takeout to add to a soup.   I actually rethought this, It had shrimp in it, I felt it was safer to throw it away.

Made lima bean/roman bean/onion/celery/carrot smoked pork hock soup all from the freezer.

Froze some about to go bananas to bake with over the weekend.

Planned an entire new violin group class with materials I already have prepared.

Made blueberry muffins from scratch.  Ala Paula Dean, one stick of unsalted butter melted, two cups flour, 2 Tbsp baking powder (alot I know, but it worked) 3/4 cup sugar, 2 Tbsp vanilla (my tweek) one box of fresh blueberries, one egg, bake 375 for 15 minutes, top with some brown sugar if wanted and bake for an additional 10 minutes.

Made meatballs and sauce from scratch with ingredients already in the pantry/freezer.

Bought fruit and veggies on sale at Stop and Shop using two of their mail to customer coupons ($3 off of 5 fruit and $3 off of 30)

Bought a whole beef tenderloin for 6.99 a pound (grassfed Australian)at Shoprite and prepped for the freezer.  Because of the amount I already was spending on the beef I got a gallon of milk for 2.29 (coupon and Ibotta) 3 pounds onions .99 and a Purex laundry detergent .99.

I have also been using our bomb instead of my almost year old vehicle for errands and back and forth to studio.  We are trying to use the SUV for only adventures that we know we need the space for, like this Sunday we need to go back to Barre and get our last piece of the bedroom.  NO TICKETS!  Everybody say a travel prayer for us.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

In the flower garden

Sharing some of the prettiness in my gardens.  These grow up my lamppost.

I have these day lillies all over the place. 

I cannot remember what these are called, but they grow all along my front porch.  Love when they start to bloom.

Small purple iris

What has been cooking?

Still recovering from working almost 3 full-time jobs and recitals this past weekend.

Just started to become my usual organized self today, but before that we bedid take out twice again ouch. We did have salmon with brussels sprouts and broccoli rabe and rice. This lasted for me for three dinner meals.  The men don't like seafood as much as I do.

Today I finally got my act together and made a double batch of sauce and meatballs. I have two crockpots going each with 16 meatballs in them.  Hopefully I can freeze some of it for another day.

  The White Oval crockpot I think 8 qt

 The smaller round crockpot 6 qt

1 pound grass fed ground beef (I think this is my last of the locally raised steer), 1/2 pound from stop and shop I had frozen, 1 pound of ground pork and 1.33 pounds of ground turkey.  Onion, basil and oregano, two eggs and bread crumbs.  That is alot of meat!  I really am going to try and sneak some into the freezer for another day.  But in this house, I can guarantee that none of this meal will get thrown out.  

Thoughts on being kind, hour workers and recital recuperation

This is a rant I posted on FB the first week of June.  

Treat other's as you yourself wish to be treated. I think we should all start reminding our youth of this. Today and Yesterday I witnessed a young lady (high school age) give a barista the what for about not getting a bag to put her oatmeal in and this morning that her bagel wasn't toasted enough. Both with high levels of attitude and entitlement. They were demeaning and rude. Both times I watched and listened as they talked with their companions about the stupidity of the people behind the counter, and then watched them saunter over to get into what I assumed was mommy or daddy's BMW and Audi. I personally visit this Starbucks every day. I know everyone's name and background. Not all of us get to borrow mom and dad's expensive car so that we can feel important. Most of those people behind that counter are working more than one job, putting themselves through school. Just like I did. And Jay and I owned a BMW. We paid cash for it. So here is a warning, I will be telling the next little s*** off if I see him or her treating someone badly just because they might not have mommy and daddy's money buying them a coffee. Ok, rant over. Carry on.

And  I recently had the honor to be on the 'other side' for two weeks.  

(photo of my in my regular element)

In the first two weeks of this month, I had agreed to help an old friend, at a business I had worked for over 25 years ago.  I added 20 hours per week to my very busy schedule and an overly busy time of year.  We had recitals including 102 students this past Sunday.

There was more stress for me in those 20 hours each week than in my own busy life.  It also added stress to my household.  DH and I have a fine balance, helping care for my father and still trying to guide our 22 yo daughter.  This really threw a wrench in our works.  I was up til 11 or 12 each night preparing food, doing laundry, dealing with parents emails and working on social things for the business.

I was the one who opened up this other business, alone anywhere from 5 minutes to one day 15 and another day almost 30!  This was not known to me at the time of my agreement.  There were things I could not do that needed the permanent staff.  I could start something, but did not have the authority to finish.  I was treated rudely by all different people.  I was hung up on. I was berated for the fact the director and assistant director were away.  I was insulted that I was not authorized to complete a task. People would phone and give their first name and then get angry when I asked for their last names.   I could not believe how nasty some people were.  I was hung up on only for people to call back hoping to get someone else.  How disappointing for them that it was me they got, lol.  It didn't matter the walk of life of these mean spirited people, some where well to do, some where not.  One was so nasty that I made mention I own my own business and I can leave right now and I won't complete this task for you at all.  In my mind I felt obligated to my promise to my friend, but not to be verbally abused.  They couldn't fire me after all!

I was also disappointed that I had to wait until after the return of the director for me to be compensated.  And the compensation!  Certainly not worth it.  I am blessed that I make a living that is enough to care for our entire household if need be.  That we can take our mini vacations and rarely put things on credit cards.  That I have successfully paid off most of my DH's pre-me credit transgressions since we bought my childhood home in 2008.  I guess I am spoiled by my pay rate in my private position, but I also have to remember it took me almost 30 years of teaching to reach this scale.

I have a new found respect for people making minimum or just above minimum wage. The amount of stress in those two weeks at this other position made the amount almost insulting.     So, I guess the moral of this part of this long post is always treat people with kindness and respect.  Whether they are an educator of higher learning or a washer of cars.  We are all human and should be treated as such.  

(photo from recent recital)

I have owned my own business for over 15 years.   I built it from a few private students and a few group classes I did at private schools. Previously I managed other private music studios and performed in a group setting.  All money those first few years were rolled back into buying instruments for the classes, building my website, advertising etc.    The first year we made a true profit was 2007, and that year I also had major liver surgery, so it was a double win in my opinion. This was the year I left all other forms of employment and focused just on our studio.

My studio now has four additional teachers. I feel obligated to these educators to make sure their schedules are full. They work for themselves, we are like a co-op.     I do all the AR/AP/Advertising/Marketing (includes web and social updates and newsletters) Planning of new masterclasses and 90% of recital and performance planning.  On top of this I have the largest teaching schedule, and I love all that I do.   I will make mention that some of my schedule does not pay for my services, to make sure their special needs children get the joys and benefits of music.

Yesterday DH and I were both off.  It is our recital recuperation day. The only thing we planned was to go buy a new toaster, LOL.  Our toaster oven is on it's last legs.  We did pick one up at Kohl's using some Kohl's cash, 15% off coupon and it was on sale.  A beautiful RED (to match my other counter top appliances) 4 slice high end brand for only 23.00 out the door!

 We had a few snafu's on Sunday but I stayed almost on time (just three minutes off for the second recital).  We did lose our 10 minute break in between programs due to the snafu's, but that's ok.

We had an string/woodwind ensemble (mine) and a vocal ensemble (another educator) and 98 soloists on strings/piano/woodwinds perform.  (4 last minute pull outs)  It was a lovely day.  I was very proud.  I had one senior graduate, which is always bittersweet.  This one was more so, as her mother was a good friend of mine and passed away 3 years ago.  I had taught her two youngest girls.  I don't know who was crying more, her father or me.

I have a wonderful family whose father is a bio-physicist by day and a photographer every other moment of his life.  He donates his time and many hours after recital to provide all the families with professional level photos of their musicians.  I am always flattered by how he makes me look.  I never 'hate' my picture when he is behind the lens.  I am sharing with you two of his shots of me.

This is the position I enjoy and thrive in.  I am truly blessed to be able to go to a studio (we never call it work) where I love what I do every day.  Very few can say that.  I'm not perfect, and there certainly are very not perfect days.  But overall, I would not trade it for the world.  And I will always try to treat others who work so many different jobs to try to make ends meet with respect and kindness.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Today's garden haul picked at 6 am.    They are already gone.  

More June shopping

DH said let's go to costco, so off we went!   It was a welcome change of pace from BJ's as they have different products.......and it was the only time I could have him with me to do some shopping.  Sunday June 9th was my only day off from the 1st through the 15th this month.  It also was helpful to buy their shrimp salad and chicken salad as I have been working so much.  Not frugal I know (and today I bought some smaller than usual for us shrimp to continue the trend of shrimp salad in a more frugal way) but very helpful for me to bring lunches.  For 191.93 we purchased a Huge bag of snapea crisp (baked peadpods, my 'potato chip') Cheesy skinny pop popcorn, DH's favorite Irish cheese, Huge bottle of taco seasoning, DH's favorite assortment pack of salamis, 5 pounds of frozen broccoli, Peanut butter stuffed pretzels, 18 pk Thomas' English muffins, Shrimp U11-15, Townhouse crackers, 5 pounds of beefsteak tomatoes, Taboule, Tzitziki sauce, Beef rib eye steaks (fed the four of us for two meals), ciabatta rolls and pastry crisps.

 Half of the rolls I have frozen as as well as one 9 pk of english muffins.   The steaks are long gone and so is the popcorn.  The shrimp salad is gone (got six meals out of it)  There is probably enough chicken salad left for 2 more sandwiches.

Amazon Pantry 24.47 (see post here)

Big Y 21.98

10 Yocrunch yogurt for $5.00, 2 oranges, 1.23 lbs of broccoli rabe, huge box of strawberries, pint of strawberries and a slab of watermelon.

Stop and Shop  49.52

Reduced bakery sliced bread.  6.5 ounces pepperoni, sour cream, egg whites, philly cream cheese, Green pepper, bananas, cherries, half a watermelon, celery, dressing, boxed spring mix reduced by a dollar coupon, yogurt blue cheese dressing, U31/40 shrimp.  I had a $3.00 coupon off $30 and got .20 back on the pepper and banana.  

$287.90 spent.  Total for month spent $509.40.  Yes, over my $500 for the month, but we won't need any more meat for the month, and alot of these snacky type items I have hid in spare bedrooms, closets, basement pantry and studio storage room so that we will have snacky items for the next three months.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Frugal Deeds this week

Not to frugal this past week due to working a lot outside of the home, but I did get a few things accomplished.

Continue to do laundry and run dishwasher at bedtime.

We did not run the AC at the studio or the house.  Ceiling fan in our bedroom was only used one night.

I sold $49 dollars worth of items on ebay!   I tried facebook tagsale first, but people were doing such low balling (i.e. I wanted 30 for a very good condition film camera that is current in technology.  I got offers of $5, 10 and 15 with the arguments they would need to buy film and processing)  I sold it on ebay for 29.99 plus shipping.  Other items were music teaching related and one antique salesman sample stove.

I have harvested a pound of strawberries from the garden.

I created a new casserole recipe with very little cost (free canned salmon, free instant mashed potatoes were the main ingredients)

How were you frugal this week?

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Egg shortage?

Photo courtesy of Carrie my Chicken Friend

Oh no.  Is this really happening?  Eggs are a huge protein source for our family. 

What do you think?

From the garden

Need I say more?  And this was just from Saturday night.  I just picked the same amount this morning.  How can they ripen so darned fast?  What is coming up in your garden?  

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Tried something new..............Amazon Pantry

Even though we went to BJ's wholesale this weekend, we actually only purchased one thing for DH's lunches.  Nothing interested him, and I was getting frustrated as he was getting the 'well then don't make me a lunch' which was code for I'll just go out every day.  Oh no, we don't want that.

So, with some credits at Amazon (a mypoints gift card, a swagbucks gift card, and a saved up $10.00 credit) I was armed with $40 dollars to spend.

Amazon Pantry has you put things in your box and keep track of the percentage of the box that is filled.  You can keep things in your cart for weeks (but remember that items might run out and then you are out of luck)  There is a per box shipping fee of $5.99.   There are coupons that you can clip on certain items........and I'm learning what is a good price or not.

I spent $45.28 out of pocket which included the shipping (after coupons and giftcards/credits).  I felt the shipping fee was justifiable based on how busy this month has become for our household/business.

$12.00 of the items was Method Granite cleaner which I prefer, and this was for two 28 ounce bottles.  A six box (120 tissue each) kleenex set  was $8.81 and a tube of Amore tomato paste $2.32.  Those were household/pantry items.

 All the rest were things for his lunchbox. $22.15 spent on the following.  Crackers, (goldfish in cheddar flavor and goldfish in sweet and savory flavors all individual bags)  a case of assorted pretzels/chips.  A jar of cashews, a box of cheezits, a big bag of Animal Crackers, 2 boxes of coffee cakes, 2 big bags of smartfood, a bottle of country time liquid lemonade starter (been wanting to try this for him) and fiber one chocolate chip cookies.  A total of 110 individual items.  Plus a few boxes/bags/jar.

All prices were comparable to on sale at Target or other stores.

I know that purchasing these individual bags are not cost effective for most households, even though I clipped coupons.  In our household, Gpa P will NOT eat these individual bags, as we have gotten him to understand those are for DH's lunch.  You see, if I didn't drill this in to him, he would eat 5 or 6 little bags at a time.

Gpa P has a wooden leg.  We worry that he binge eats, and have suspected purging.  Today he consumed 2 thirds of a 6 quart crockpot of soup .   He has been known to consume an entire quiche, half a pan of brownies.  

To compensate, when I buy these individual bags I also buy a big bag of the same items.  Those are for Gpa P to take bowls of.  And what you and I would consider an appropriate size for cereal/chili/pasta are not his idea of a serving.  He uses serving bowls.  Makes me nuts that he is not heavier than he is.

So, I feel confident I have enough snacks now for DH's lunchbox, and I will add yogurts and fresh fruit as well as cheese/salami and crackers.  These other items I buy in bulk and divide up.

What we have been eating

DH made meatloaf, sirloin tips, grilled chicken and broccoli, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts.  We got pizza (broccoli rabe for me) and deli (matzo ball soup and chopped salad).  

I made an onion and bacon egg white quiche

An asparagus and deli cheese ends egg white quiche

Yum, vermont fiddleheads!

This was an experiment, and I tasted a spoonful.  Gpa P ate the rest.  A can of salmon (free) a bag of Idahoan mashed potatoes (free) quarter cup egg whites, diced onion, diced celery and a good shake of crab seasoning mix.  This was a winner!

Not shown, a soup I concocted with a pigs foot slow cooked overnight with vegetable peelings.  Strained and I added a cup of diced pork roast from the freezer, a pound of last years garden green beans from the freezer, asparagus ends also from the freezer, last of the worn carrots,  diced onion and Indian spice mix.  

Working way to much and June grocery and other purchases so far

Wow, working 12 hour days with people at two different locations and then putting in another 4 or 5 hours for studio work and recital work and I am fried.  Plan on taking it things low and slow for the rest of today and tomorrow.  Darling Hubby has had to pick up the slack and do bank and errand runs on top of auto maintenance and his usual other obligations to the household.  He is definitely more the 'stay at home' partner than I am, though he also works a full time job managing a warehouse. 

Thank goodness for mobile deposits and online invoicing, or I would really be insane this week.
I have had to be even more organized than usual, and I have hit some road bumps.  We had to do takeout twice this past week, and we ran out of alot of things as I just haven't had any free mornings (except for Friday) and in that morning I got my hair done and was able to get to Walgreens.

Food purchases this month so far

In Vermont (technically a May purchase but I counted it towards June as it was May 31st) over half a pound of FiddleHeads.  Oh my, a delicious spring time weakness for me, and one I look forward to every year.  What made this sweeter was the price.  I paid $4.91.  The price in the market we went to in Vermont was $7.99 a pound.  I probably should have bought more and blanched/froze them, but I wasn't sure they would do well with that.  This week I found them in CT for the equivalent of almost $28 dollars a pound!!!!!!   A quarter of a pound for 6.99.  From now on, I will only buy them when we are in VT or NH.  

A splurge the beginning of the week to make sure I had plenty to eat all week during the day.  I brought three boxed organic soups with me from the pantry, and I purchased A bag of salad mix, a pound of premade tuna salad, a cucumber/onion salad and a sourdough batard as well as a bottle of diet coke (this was a huge splurge and it lasted all week, I rarely drink soda).  $16.20

Big Y

Two 10 ounce package of cantaloupe and a bag of organi baby carrots (FREE with gold coins!)  A savings of $5.49

10 ounces of pineapple, 2.5 dozen eggs, a large container of all egg whites, gallon of milk, two packages of cheese ends from the deli, 3 boxes of ronzoni smart fiber pasta (Oh my, these were less than half of Dreamfields, my usual choice) Almost 4.5 pounds of 85% lean ground beef  and three pound packages of ground pork that were dated June 3rd so they had $2.00 off each.  I ended up paying $3.04 a pound.

3 pounds of bananas at .59 a pound, 5 pounds of potatoes and 5 pounds of vidalia onions.  

Total for food was $67.72

BJ's wholesale (with husband on Saturday)

Two cases of water, 15 pack of dannon light and fit drinkable yogurt, 2 bags tortillas we were out), Skinny Pop popcorn in a big bag for Gpa P and a 20 pack of the same for DH lunch.  Black and green olives (we were out), hormel crumbled bacon (we were out) a large box of Special K (two big bags). A case of kraft mac and cheese.  I think loss leader would have been a better deal, but this month is a crap shoot for finding deals.   $97.70 (ouch.....but the kraft mac-cheese/olives/bacon/cereal will last more than a month)   

DH also went to BJ's earlier in the week and got a package of steak tips for $24.00.  Again ouch, but I wasn't home to argue.  It did last for two days worth of meals.  

Shoot, almost half of our food budget gone and it's only 6/6/15.  I'm going to have to try and be more on top of planning these next two weeks.  
$210.53 spent

Non food purchases:

Renewal of my big y silver card membership 

Liquid Plumber hair clog

Scope, Clip on Sunglasses (I have been meaning to get these for a while), 5 pack of gardening gloves, Stephen King's newest novel (I guess I should share with all of you some day how I met DH) 18 pack of sponges and steamer trays (we use these for so many things)  $ 62.72

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Vermont Adventure, More Oak Finds and Speed Traps

Final pieces were found in Barre Vermont this past Sunday. I had been searching for antique shops in Vermont.......and I had a feeling that this shop would be our spot.   This spot is owned by a husband and wife...........   He works there full time, and she fills in when she can.  Lovely couple, I enjoyed my time talking with them.  Well, I was right....we found our final two big pieces there.  The piece below I actually saw on their website.   Forgive the 'messiness' near the newest in the bedroom find..............I had to take the pic in a hurry.   This piece has matching hardware to our other pieces.  Oak, late 1800's early 1900's.   We paid $178.00!     

We couldn't fit both pieces in our vehicle though.  So here is a photo of our final piece.  See the sold sign!  DH is in the photo as well.  It's lighter than our other pieces, but has hardware that is the same style.  Also oak.  Another hatbox!  We decided this one would be all mine (we are sharing the above dresser)   They did have another dresser that was the same stain as our other pieces..........also in good shape, but I couldn't convince my husband that it was the one (though I still liked it for it's unusual shape)   I am happy with our final piece.    Just have to wait for June 21st to come around to go back up to get it.  I am very happy with the price too, $319.00!!

The enjoyment of the day and the savings were unfortunately negated by the two (YES TWO) speeding tickets that we received.  The first just 4 exits into the fine state of Vermont and the second was received in the very town the shop owners warned us about.

Now, I am aware that my husband can have a lead foot.  The first ticket I had been dozing, so I cannot say for sure if the situation was what he said it was..........but the second ticket I totally agreed it was a speed trap.  Both times the officers were visibly parked on the left side of the road.  We were coming from a 50 mph zone going toward a reduced speed area.  The second time I pointed out there was an officer up ahead and that there was a sign notifying us that there was a speed change up ahead (50 to 35).  The officer had his lights on before we were even in front of him, we pulled over with the new speed sign at least 200 feet ahead of us and he said were were going 50 in the 35.  I started to speak up and DH pinched me.  First ticket was $185 and the second one was $154!!!!    Now our antiques are a bit more expensive.  As well as the 6 points on his license.

What really frustrated me was that there was a person right on our tail who sped by as we pulled over.
But...........we agreed to pay the tickets as we drove home at what felt like a snails pace.  To fight the tickets would take a day off from work for DH (perhaps even two) and we now have an interesting story to tell.

I think I'll be driving when we go up to pick up our last piece.  LOL

Going to be quiet for a few days

Hi all, I'm going to fall from the blog world for a few days as I am subbing for a friend for the first two weeks in June 9 to 1  and then hitting my own studio schedule usually from 2 to 9 PM.

We also have recitals coming up which is always a very busy time as well as planning summer schedules and taking on additional students to Add to our already busy lives.

I will try to post photos and a brief description of our Vermont adventure this past Sunday before the craziness started!