Thursday, May 7, 2015

What's been cooking this week?

Ham bone prep from a previous post.  

On Sunday we were gallivanting, but I had made a hambone/bean/mushroom soup earlier in the weekend.  Gotta keep Gpa P fed!   I put the bone in the crockpot Friday night with onion skins, carrot tops and celery tops on high.  Woke up to a nice dark, rich stock.   Strained it, cut off the last of the meat, added to drained cans of pinto beans, chopped carrot, onion, celery.  8 ounce of organic mushrooms chunked.  Voila!  Saturday and Sunday soup. (Still have some left today Thursday...and GPa P insists he will finish it tonight)

DH was back in the city Monday, so a quick sauce and box of pasta for Gpa P and DD.   I had a spring mix and tuna salad.

A bag of tilapia purchased from Shoprite and pulled from the freezer.  I remember these 12 ounce packages cost me $2.99.   This will be my main meal Tuesday and Wednesday (I'm the only one in the house who will eat fish every day).    DH will probably make a creation with the Zaycon boneless chicken breasts I took out of the freezer. (He made his famous barbecue chopped salad mentioned in a previous post)

For lunches I prepared a chive/bacon quiche (see chive post) and a zucchini quiche with my last bag of quiche prep pulled from the freezer.    I also made some cupcakes (dark chocolate)  DH has been complaining he doesn't come home to any surprises form the oven lately.  I also had a cup of homemade frosting from a previous baking day in the freezer, I defrosted it, stirred it up and just as good as when I made it!

Wednesday dinner I just wanted broth (I work so late some nights that eating just makes for a bad nights sleep)  DH, DD and Gpa P ate leftovers.

Thursday Tuna salad for DH lunch today when he gets home (his lunchbox I pack for work is really more like a breakfast....yougurts, fruit, cut up veggies, sometimes cheese and crackers or Peanut butter and crackers).  I made swiss chard with olive oil and garlic today (got it at the City Seed Market!) and added some already prebrowned taken from the freezer hot sausage.  Lunch for me, and I'm sure Gpa P will have some too.

Thursday dinner might be more leftovers....I have sort of been lax on planning things out as I've been moonlighting in the mornings at other schools/jobs on top of my own business.  Not something I normally do, trying to help some friends out.  Also had doctors visits and other tasks to tend to.  Friday morning will be a trip to BJ's wholesale to get some needed items (dairy/veggie/cleaning)

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