Saturday, May 30, 2015

The bedroom remodel continues...........

Craigs list helped us with this one.  Two Larkin soap company three drawer tables.  These have the makers label inside the top drawers.  Larkin soap company gave stores who carried their products premium (aka free) cabinets to store the wares.  Solid oak, nice hardware that is similar to our hatbox dresser hardware.  The bottoms are not identical, but the rest look pretty much the same.  Second photo side table has dividers in the top drawer.  The one in the first picture has evidence of dividers but they are long gone. 

This is actually a great find, we thought we would be looking a long time for bedside use tables.  We paid $375 for the pair, and we were very happy with that price.  We were prepared to pay the asking price if we found the labels, AND if they didn't smell.  My allergies are usually crazy (and not sure why this year isn't so bad...........except that my sweet kittie is gone, and I know she wasn't good for my lungs) and any hint of must or mold will set me into a wheezing fit that I end up using an inhaler to ease the symptoms.  

Back to the price.  Asking price was $400.  DH lowballed at $300, and seller said he had $360 in.  DH offered the $375.  SOLD.

I thought this would be the hardest part to find, and I literally saw them 4 hours after they were posted.  I don't know what possessed me to look, other than my student was late and I just typed in oak antiques on craigslist.  



  1. Those are gorgeous! What a find!!!!

  2. Thanks TrayceeBee. Hope you are doing well!


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