Saturday, May 2, 2015

Second piece for the bedroom!

After a morning of teaching (and warehousing for DH) we had planned on taking a ride to Coventry for their town wide tag sale.  The plan was just items for the rewards case at the studio, and we found 2 music themed new hair scrunchies and 6 large music themed erasers PLUS a used book on only Irish music.  This book is for me, as I am always hunting for new Irish pieces for the Feis competitions for my fiddlers.   Total spent, $3.00! Cash. 

We went to a few other stops, nothing eventful, and then we stopped at an antique shop/general store.  We paid 34.00 for mocha coffee syrup (large bottle, from a company in RI) some sweet biscuits that they had samples of and DH loved them (Sweden) a jar of horseradish (Poland), an as is Hummel music box of a boy playing violin to his puppy for $8.00 (I actually have this Hummel, so I thought they would look nice together) and an interesting milk bottle with orange lettering from Manchester CT.  Cash of course.  

The owner of this shop told us about the shops next door, and said we could leave our car in her lot.  This place didn't look like much.  The first rooms were nothing special.  Then we were told that there were other rooms, and to feel free to go through sliding doors into the barn and then go into the white house.  

Heading towards the sliders I saw this.  And I fell in love.  

Late 1800's oak.  Notice the hat box door on the right?  I called DH over, he inspected all the drawers, called the gentleman over and asked about the piece.  It was priced 295!   I couldn't believe that price.  The only flaw we could find was that if you pulled the top large drawer open the hat door popped open.  He got the owner, who worked on it and his wife talked to me about it.  

For me, it's always about these in order.  Quality, Odor (nothing musty, I have walked away from gorgeous items which smelled) appearance and color.  This piece met all my requirements.  DH had asked if they could do better on the price (and I was surprised by that, as we both were shocked at the sticker) and they knocked 20 off without even blinking.  

Only problem was we had the car!  Not the wagon or the truck.  This shop is closed Sun Mon Tues and ALL HOLIDAYS (written exactly as all the signs we saw)    So, we have to wait to bring it home until Wednesday. 

First piece of the IKEA set will be freecycled later in the week.  Anyone want a three drawer dresser?

I am so excited about this piece.  Not the same color as our previous bedroom piece, but that doesn't matter to me.  This will be DH's bureau.  Now we have to wait til we find one for me!  


  1. Another gorgeous piece! By the way, how did you find out about the Coventry tag sale? Internet? Newspaper? Papa and I are going to be redoing our large living room as a music style room for the Guppies and I'm looking for funky furnishings for it. And I am still in the market for some new bedroom pieces.

    1. I google CT townwide tagsales each month. We make a calendar with maps. I will write more later about the rest of this month. We are on our way to minkstosinks sale in Wilton right now. Google it, as today and Monday are bargain days!

    2. Total bust of a day. Didn't find a thing. :( If you are looking for designer clothes or bedding/towels I think the first day of the Wilton sale is the way to go.


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