Wednesday, May 13, 2015

More groceries

Not a store I frequent that often, but I did get some coupons in the mail from them for later in the Month of May and part of June which got my attention. 

Then......TrayceeBee over at posted that she had gotten a great deal on hummus (one of my go to foods, and one that I've never quite mastered preparing for some bizarre reason) so I decided to look at their flyer online.  Thanks TrayceeBee!

Well, I made a list.  I combined what I knew were needed with some Ibotta deals (I've recently gotten back into doing Ibotta and SavingStar) I have actually had $1.80 deposited into my account with Ibotta in the last few days.  I know not alot, but it all adds up.  

So, after lessons yesterday I made a late night stop at the S&S in town.  

I spent a total of  $65.04  leaving me with $176.37 for the month.  I doubt I will touch most of that, but who knows?

I got 5 Tribe Hummus, 6 cans of Goya Garbanzo beans (DH told me when I mentioned I was going just for the hummus to see if any deals, and there was!)  5 different types of four ounce fish fillets frozen (5 for 5, let's hope they are good as that is an unheard of price to me)  Loaf of reduced sliced italian bread for 1.64, 2 ortega taco kits, 2 country time mixes B1G1 (DH has been reminiscing of his childhood and keeps mentioning this....I guess he was hinting), two large cans of sliced olives, three bags of S&S brand flavored croutons on sale .99 each (the equivalent of the big bag at BJ's in ounces, and much cheaper) 2.82 pounds of ground 85% beef (on sale but not organic and not the best price but I messed up and didn't take any out of freezer) $12.05 and the great meat find....a perdue oven stuffer roaster dated the 13th (which is the day after purchase) for a whopping $3.51.  I'm used to paying upwards to nine dollars for these!  Right in the freezer it went for a future meal. 

An 8 ounce package of sliced shitake mushrooms marked down to 1.99, a package same size whole white mushrooms 1.00, 2 english cukes 2.49, OM bacon 4.99 (on sale and got 30 cents back Ibotta) Green pepper got 30 cents back Ibotta, Tomatoes on the got 15 cents from ibotta, lettuce on sale and got 15 cents from Ibotta)

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  1. Glad I could help! And, with how outrageous Stop and Shop prices are, you did fantastic! =)


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