Thursday, May 28, 2015

Frugal deeds this week.........

Going to try and keep track of weekly frugal accomplishments each week.

This week I transplanted all the easter plants that were gifted to me to enjoy next spring.

I cut down all my asparagus 'grass' that had gone to seed and spread it to other spots in the yard.

I harvested chive flowers, washed and dried them, put them in a canning jar and covered with vinegar.  I had read about Carol at CTMOM doing this as well as other sites, so it was time for me to join the vinegar band wagon!

I have been running the dishwasher at bedtime.

I have been putting a load of laundry in late at night and either hanging or running dryer at bedtime.

I composted all my coffee grounds.

We ate all our leftovers.

What did you do that was frugal this week?


  1. If you never had it before, I hope you enjoy chive vinegar! My newly made jar is already a pretty purple-pink color!

    1. I haven't checked it since I put in the basement, but I will post a picture of it once it has brewed for two weeks. Thanks for telling us about it!


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