Monday, April 27, 2015

Raynham Flea Market $33.00 spent

First trip to a flea market for the season.  In Raynham MA, this was a great market.  Our first time, but it was easy to get to, easy parking.  Entry fee is $1.00 (or .50 if you enter before 9 a.m. )  Hours are 8 to 5 Sat and Sun.  Indoor and Outdoor.  

DH enjoyed most of the bargains.  Second booth he was excited to find new hats with Mason logos.  It was a conversation starter for him with several brothers this weekend.  Just $10.00!

Then a new leather holster for his pistol (we are a gun license family) directly from the manufacturer, This was half the price he would have paid online (just $20.00)

I found the grocery deal of the day.  Two packages of brussel sprouts and 3 pounds of bananas.  $3.00!

We probably won't make this a monthly trip, but maybe once or twice a year.  We had a great breakfast at a local place.  $13.49 with tip.    DH had two eggs over easy, white toast, 3 strips of bacon, 'loaded' fried potatoes which would topped with more bacon, cheese, sour cream and chives.    I had two scrambled eggs, two strips of bacon, two sausage links (shared with DH) english muffin and plain potatoes.  DH had OJ and I had water.  I was impressed with the design of the place, and that cleanliness.  Also the quick service.  

It was the beginning to a fun Sunday adventure.  

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  1. Glad you guys had fun! I'm surprised to see you can find produce at a flea market! LOL


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