Monday, April 20, 2015

More Bumble Bee Canned Salmon at Walgreens

Photo from my first deal of this kind in a previous month

The price this time was better,  at Walgreen's, with coupon these 14.75 ounce cans were just $1.99 each.   To sweeten the deal, I had some balance rewards (still haven't transferred scripts, so accumulating points).  I have more than 10 dollars accumulated, but the cashier would only let me use $3.00 for some reason.    But I will take this much salmon for .98.  Wouldn't you?

And for the kind reader who commented without putting their name.  Thank you for the advice.  I'll make sure I take more photos so they won't be blurry.  Sorry it bothered you enough that you had to make a comment.  

Go get that salmon deal everyone!    Thanks again Carol at ctonabudget for teaching me this trick. 

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  1. Sandie, I also noted that even lower price point for this week. I have 8 cans if salmon so I don't knoe if I'll grab them this week.


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