Thursday, April 2, 2015

Anxious to get the garden that is!

Nothing makes me feel happier or healthier than working out in the yard.  It also makes me feel awful and sick (I have horrible allergies)  It's a fine balance between which meds are actually helpful and what I can do without becoming incapacitated.

I also am realizing I'm getting older, (though DH pointed out the bags of soil I bought were more than double the usual size.............GREAT price on supplemental soil for my raised beds) which made me feel a little better as I loaded it on a cart and carried to the back yard.  The smaller bags of soil or mulch I was able to just toss over my shoulder last year.  I also am nursing a two year old injury that is a real hassle for a violinist/violist (left shoulder/neck).  But enough whining............

It's spring!   At least according to the calendar.  Which means I want to start gardening!   I have found some bulb flowers peeking through............

And I started getting some of the raised beds ready with that supplemental soil.  Though the new soil is not organic, I have so much organic matter that I have added to the bed (you can see some of it on the other beds) I'm not concerned about this new addition.  Do you see the pumpkin decomposing in the farthest right corner?  That will be this years experiment, to see if any of the seeds will catch and we will have a pumpkin patch.

The farthest left will house peas I plan on putting in today.  A bit late, but not as late as usual.  I didn't think the Farmers Almanac was intending on me removing two feet of snow in order to plant the peas.

I also have green beans (DD used to love hiding in the oversized bean teepees I would make each summer when she was small.  Though those days are long gone, I always reminisce.   Spicy Mesclun, Kale and Swiss Chard.  All from GMO free organic certified seeds.

I have so many locations to get organic tomatoes/cukes/squashes that I don't plant them anymore.  I plant the things that are most cost effective (for anyone who buys mesclun mix at $10.00 a pound at the farmers market you know what I mean)

I also am anxious to see if the garlic scapes I replanted after taking the tops last year will continue to grow.  You might notice some greens in the 'pea' bed, those are onions I planted last year.  Fingers crossed!  The scapes are in the far side of the pumpkin bed.

I also splurged today and got a Stainless Steel Galvanized Watering Can.  $32.99, warrantied not to rust or rot.  It is also the size I wanted, with a rain shower spout AND matches my milk jug decor.


  1. ah! signs of hope here in CT! i long for my next forever home where i plan to have a small kitchen garden. for now, joining an organic farm csa works for me

  2. We have discussed a CSA several years now. We decided I enjoy the experience of going to the local Farmers Market too much, so that's the way we go for the items I don't grow. It should be starting soon on Sundays in New Haven. I hope you are feeling ok Carol.

  3. doing well. nerve blocjk is gone so tonight will b the worst but honestly, i am comfortable, still on meds nautrally


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