Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A busy Sunday and purchases Monday

Though I mentioned in my vent it would be a very tight month, I had put aside monies for several things this month, and DH and I decided that I would still do those plans, as they were the best prices for the season.

We went to Home Depot to get mulch for the yard.  Four days of the year, you can get bags of mulch for just $2.00 a bag.  I purchased 8 bags for $17.01 after tax.  cash.

We went to BJ's wholesale to replenish spring water, milk, salad dressing, a pair of Chinos for DH, and lint brushes.  I also found some clearanced items for the rewards case at the studio.  Total spent $57.00 cash.

Next stop, with coupons was Kohls, to get DH a few more casual dress shirts.  He found two.  We also found the fitbit heart rate tracker (steps/calories/stairs/miles too!).  I have been ordering this for months, only to have each order canceled due to out of stock.  I didn't want to, but he insisted and we used our Kohls's account. I will pay it off in full in May.  Keeping track of my steps has been a very important part of my daily activity.  We also have started keeping track of my pulse (I tend to have panic attacks, and if my pulse is fine I start to calm down).  So for me it is a need not a want.  Total charged after coupons $167.00.

DH had plans to go into Boston with friends (made months ago) so when he left, I spread all the mulch, the last two bags of garden soil was also added to the raised beds, and I weeded out the asparagus raised bed.  Still need to work on the strawberry bed.  I hit 10k steps between 130 and 330 pm!  Water, coffee and shower well deserved!

Next activity was making a Target list.  The beginning of the month I had made a goal to only spend an additional 100-150 on dairy/produce.    However, DH pointed out he was running low on his healthy snacks (nuts/seeds/rice crackers etc) for his lunch box.  So one of my projects while he was away was to see what I could do to get the most bang for my buck.  I do have a Target card, which I use to get an additonal 5% off.  I pay that off in full if I use it as well.  So, I went through the Target Cart app, then the Target website coupons, then coupons.com.  Armed with my list off I went.  I did so well, that the cashier commented.  Before all the discounts, $147.00.  After, $54.00.  Included trail mixes, cleaning supplies for studio, crackers, chips, nuts, fiber one bars, campbells organic soup boxes, two family size heinz gravy on clearance for .86 cents each (I priced them in the regular store at 2.99), a 28 pound box of a new cat litter that was 50% off on Target app too,  and these two lovely Easter/Spring wreaths at 90% off, just 1.49 each!  Ok, not a need, but I could not have made them this cheap.

                     The egg wreath is burlap wrapped, and the feather wreath is felt.


So, some charges made, but I know I can pay them off in full in May, so I feel okay about it.  

Monday DH and I mailed some items I had sold on ebay, picked up prescriptions and went to Big Y to get some cat food and some produce.  $33 out of the paypal account.    Still doing okay, even if the tax man knocks tomorrow.  I'm feeling at ease.  

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