Sunday, March 1, 2015

Why I have been blog silent............

I really haven't had much to report.   We have been living out of the pantry/freezer.  I have been making my usual standby's.  

The only monies I have spent are for fish, dairy and fresh produce.  Even that hasn't been much as nothing is really in season.

I did splurge for some Broccoli Rabe at 2.99 a pound.  A horrible price, but I really wanted it, and I felt it was a justifiable splurge to have some fresh greens on the table.

We have had salmon four times in February with several lunches out of those dinners.  We have been eating canned tuna, homemade pizza, roasted whole chicken and various soup creations.

I baked a cake and made a delicious nutella/coconut flour bread.

Today I took a smoked ham hock (from our half of a pig purchase) out of the freezer and threw it in the crockpot on high with water, a limp celery stalk, some carrot ends and onion skins.  I let it go for 5 hours, I strained it, took the little bit of meat off the bones and added a can of kidney, pinto and cannellini beans with some chopped onion.  I added the last of the amore tomato paste from a tube.  It smells amazing. 

The only great deals for shopping I have done is to stock up at CVS with my and DH's CVS cards.  I purchased three 12 packs of Scott's Toilet Paper on each card spending 20.98 and getting $5.00 back.  I also bought three Campbell's Tomato Soup for $2.10 and got $.50 back.  I did this with both cards.  Scott is our favorite toilet paper, and I only buy it when I get a good deal.  The price for each roll came out to .45 each.

I also did another stock up at Target of Starbucks K cups.  We weren't out, but now I think we have enough for at least six months.  We drink alot of coffee in our house, mainly coffee and water for three of us (DH is the sweet beverage drinker).  We make pots of coffee (both drip and french press) as well as using K cups.    After coupons, giftcards back and using my target card for an additional 5% off (always pay this off within the week, NEVER let a balance carry) I paid .54 cents per K cup.

That was really it for major shopping in February.  I haven't even gone to Shoprite in three weeks!

I do plan on hitting some stores in March, we have a party to throw, the Uncle is coming and I have no yogurt for DH's lunch box.

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