Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dairy Deals at two different stores!

In honor of the dairy deals I am sharing some of my antique collection.  Here is a milk box from Sealtest Dairy.  Remember when we could have milk delivered right to our door?  As well as cream, butter, and eggs?  Now we can I guess, but with huge delivery fees.  Currently I only have one 'antique' milk bottle in my carrier.  We plan on picking one new one up in our adventures when we can find one.. I would like to have one from each New England State.  The one we recently acquired is from Rutter's Dairy in PA.

Easter time is the time to buy butter!   At Shop Rite this week you can 4 of each variety Land o Lakes (salted/unsalted quarters AND salted/unsalted half sticks!) for 1.97.  Through Saturday.  That is a GREAT price.

You can also get Galbani Ricotta 2 pound container for $2.99 and Galbani Mozzarella for just $1.99 in block form (12 to 16 ounce)  As always, Shop Rite is limit of 4 per variety (that means you can get regular, part skim and low fat four of each)

At Big Y (sale ends today) you can get their brand of butter for $1.98.  Limit of 2.

Time to stock up!

Here we have our big Milk vat and a smaller hand held one (perhaps for bringing on a picnic?)  Now I just need my butter crock/churn and I am all done with this collection.  I cannot decide if I want to search for a stone churn or a wooden one.  Either way it will be the priciest acquirement.  What do you think?  Stone or Wood?


  1. I don't know from churns but $2 a lb. mozz is a great price and if the weather were better I'd make a trip to the closest ShopRite for it(an hour away so I go infrequently). The butter deals here are comparable however and I have stocked up a little in the past few weeks at $2 lb or less.

  2. I have gone to my town's Big Y three times this week (as I have passed it during my travels) to get the two limit deal! It's an amazing price!


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