Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A rare trip to Big Y

I seem to be doing all my shopping now at either Shop Rite or the Connecticut Natural Food Mart.  Looking forward to farmers markets on Sundays again too (seems like ages).

Last week I was about to throw out the flyers and that Big Y had Goya canned beans on sale for .69 a can (or almost a pound).  I know, I know, dried is better, and almost as easy, and I do use dry on occasion, but usually throw together something last minute with canned beans.  Why the interest in Goya?  I like their products, and SavingStar had a $5.00 back on $20.00 of any Goya.  So, I made an early morning trip yesterday to both Big Y and the Natural Foods store.  Money was in my account within 12 years.

Spent 20 at the CT Natural.  A treat sub for DH, some pickling cukes (1.79 a pound ouch), 5 pounds of carrots (4.99, not a great price either, but will get .25 back from Checkout 51) and 4 pounds of onions 1.78.  A bag of chips rounded out that total.  Not much in the bag.    Kicking myself for not buying .25 a pound onions when we were away last  weekend.  We meant to get them, then got sidetracked by a clock and forgot to go to the shop that was advertising them.

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