Monday, February 23, 2015

Kings Hawaiian House Party

We had a blast with all the props and the games.  Everyone took home coupons, shopping bags and shell leis.  The younger guests really enjoyed the leis!

Apron recipients!  Oops, should have told them to put them ON!  Taking turns acting out (Charades) style the Best Picture Titles. 

I received these delicious Kings Hawaiian rolls and breads FREE!   I prepared several recipes to be enjoyed.  

I chose to make Breakfast Lunch and Dinner recipes to see how the bread/rolls held up with each choice.  For the breakfast course we tried French Toast.  4 eggs, a splash of organic milk, 3 Tbsn vanilla extract and 2 Tbsp of cinnamon.   I pan fried the toast, but in retrospect I think baking on parchment might have been a better choice.  Or perhaps a french toast casserole.  The bread just soaked up all the batter!  But, it was tasty.  Served it with turkey breakfast sausage and organic maple syrup PLUS homemade butter.  

I didn't get pictures of plated lunch and dinner, but we had tuna salad on Kings Hawaiian Butter Rolls and Pumpkin Soup served with Kings Hawaiian Sweet Rolls.  Was a great day!

You can try and host a House Party too.  All the Kings Hawaiian products served were FREE, all the props, bags, coupons and aprons were also donated by Kings Hawaiian.  Fun Fun times. 

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