Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Holiday and 2015 Goals

Well, it's a New Year (I guess we all realize that by now)   Dinner was a planned purchase from Costco of boneless roast of Rib Eye for $105.00.   DH cut off enough steaks for four adults (himself, DD, DD significant other and Gpa P) to have on New Years Eve (I just had one forkful as beef isn't my favorite) and DH and Gpa had additional steaks on New Years Day for lunch.   We also have a roast for at least two other meals in the freezer.  Shrimp that was already in the freezer, frozen vegetables and twice baked potatoes (my only other additional purchase of $4.49 for 10 pounds of very large russet potatoes.)

On New Years morning I baked one zucchini quiche as well as prepping vegetables for future quiches to freeze.  I made 15 meatballs from one pound of ground beef (locally raised beef from the freezer) and one pound of ground pork.   Sauce made and all is bubbling away in the crock pot.  Banana bread will be prepared later in the day.

The tree was taken down.  I know DH wanted to leave it up, but I had my third asthma attack this week, it was time.  He said to me he didn't realize it made me feel so bad, maybe next year we should get an aluminum tree (we love the Peanuts in our house).   I think we might have to as well.  Or get the tree a week later than we did, as I made it three weeks before it started to affect me.

My nativities will stay up and continue to change.  The Kings will get closer, and then they will get put away for the escape to Egypt.    We put some furniture back where it belongs, and we talked about goals.

My goal for 2014 was to lower our grocery spending and to save $1000.00 a month.  I managed to save $416.00 from January through March, and got it up to $781.00 a month.  This while still paying my quarterly taxes of $2500.00 and still having our Sunday adventures (day trips with a maximum of 2 hours driving and a set budget of spending money)

I downloaded a budgeting app to my Pad, and we are going to keep stricter records on our spending. I want to start saving $1000.00 by February.  I know that I can do what I have been doing for January (includng my quarterly taxes) but will make the added stretch to $1000.00 in February.  This includes my SEP and our new HSA.

I wanted to only spend $150.00 on perishables in the month of January, but know it's the big Can Can month (which I already have hit on the preview when I went on December 30th).  I will not be making any meat purchases for the month, and I will use up as many of old pantry items to make room for our new can can purchases.  I mainly purchase Olive Oil and Name Brand items.  Paper goods if they are a great deal.  I will try to spend no more than $200.00 on any of the items I get from the Can Can sale.

We are going to keep track of our heating oil costs better.  We know that we did better in 2014 since we put in new windows.  But we never documented the changes.  The dropped oil prices are going to be a blessing as well.  We will be getting our first 2015 delivery tomorrow, January 2nd.    We also had someone come to the house to give us an estimate on re-insulating our attic.  I just emailed them as we haven't received that information yet.

We are going to choose better with what to do with our adventure money.  In example...we planned on going to two different antique shows today.  But, we also knew we had no money for any purchases.  It would be a total of 2.5 hours driving to get to these two shows (gas) plus entry fees of $14.00 each show (with discount coupon) so, gas plus $28.00 to look.  Not to mention potential holiday traffic.

Instead, we went to the first show of a local movie theater, we paid $11.00 to see a movie we both have wanted to see.  Into the Woods was enjoyable, we got to discuss the differences between the play and the movie, and we spent less than half that we would have if we did the first choice.

I want to start selling off more unused things.  One of the most exciting moments I had last week was selling some no longer used Holiday decorations and using almost the exact amount to purchase an additional Ham for our freezer that my DH and Gpa P really enjoyed.    If I can sell just $10.00 of items a month that is an extra $120.00 for our household.

I want to start planning/purchasing holiday gifts now.  I want to make more things, plan more baking and craft project;  and I want to do more philanthropic things this year.  Part of the things I discussed with my DH is that I was feeling very sad this year.  I didn't feel I had done enough for others.  One of our best holidays was when we adopted a family through March of Dimes.  I want to be more on the ball with giving to others this year.

I want to get better at not letting what others say/do affect me so much.  I have already started to take back some control in my business.  Having more contractors at the studio has too many ideas of how the studio should be run.  I need to start reminding them that it will be the way DH and I feel it should be run.  Opinions and suggestions are always welcomed.  But if they don't respect the decisions that we make...then contracts will not be renewed.

I want to lose 40 pounds.  I lost a total of 127 pounds 4 years ago, and in this last year 40 have crept back.  Not good.  It's affecting my self esteem and my health.

I want to nurture my friendships.  DH is my best friend, and I am very lucky to be married to him.  But I need to spend more time with female friends.  Sometimes I still say no to that, as it will take me away from him.  Yet, I encourage him to do more things with his male friends.  I need to do it more for myself.

Have you set goals for this year?

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