Monday, January 26, 2015

Last purchases of the month grocery budget and household expenses

The last time I shopped I was left with the balances of 19.90 for perishables and 92.89 for non perishables.

If you haven't been reading my goal for January I set a perishable limit of $150 and a non-perishable total of $200 (as it was Shoprite Can Can month).

I decided to combine the two balances as I felt I had done very well.  Balance left for January for grocery budget $112.79.  $11.73 spent on milk and diet coke at Walgreens.

 $63.90 at BJ's wholesale for some things we were out of.  Thomas' English Muffins double pack.  Cream Cheese two pack of 1/3 less fat spreadable tubs.  Cod (for me!) Sirloin Tips (DH had a hankering and this is one item we don't have in our freezer full of local or Zaycon beef) and a huge box of garbage bags.

Total left for January on groceries $37.16.  If I do go to a store again before February 1st it will be for produce.

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