Saturday, January 10, 2015

Grocery Budget for January and first 10 days of month

Perishable purchases for the month no more than $150.00.  This will include fruits/veges/dairy and fish if I find a good deal.  I did intend on getting some lobster meat (B1G2) at big Y on Wednesday the 7th, but a furnace problem at the studio prevented me from getting there (I read the flyer the last day of the sale)  OH well.  At least we now have a brand new furnace and heat!

 I had a good start using coupons at CVS for milk and cream.  I got a gallon of Garelick (local brand) of 2% milk, a half gallon of Horizon organic skim milk and a pint of light cream for zero out of pocket using coupons and ECB's.

Shoprite non perishable purchase on 1/6.  Broccoli and Onions, $2.41   funds left $147.59

Pantry restock with annual Shop Rite Can Can sale.  Want to spend no more than $200.00 on non-perishables this month.  First trip was January 6th.  

I purchased a case of Tutturoso tomatoes (we now have almost three full of different cuts, this was a case of plum more tomato purchases for at least six months) On sale for 7.88, Shoprite coupon for $1.00 off, and then two manufacturers coupons doubled for an additional 2.20 off.  I got a case for just 4.68!  That is just .39 a can!

4 boxes of Special K on sale if you bought 4 or more just 1.50 a box.  Minus a dollar coupon.  $5.00 total or $1.25 a box.  

4 boxes of Wheaties for $7.00 minus $4.00 in coupons.  Total cost per box .75!    

4 boxes of regular Cheerios for $7.00 minus $2.00 in coupons.  $1.25 a box.  

4 boxes of Goya yellow rice $5.96 total. 

10 cans of assorted Shoprite beans (cannellini, white, kidney) $4.90

4 boxes of Shoprite organic vegetable stock and 4 boxes of Shoprite organic turkey stock $11.92.  I like these products, and try to buy them when they are on special at this price of $1.49 a box.  Limit of 4 per variety. 

Total $42.46 balance left $157.54 

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