Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Grocery and other Shopping January 11 - 18 including Walgreens Balance Rewards deals

Still working from the pantry/freezer, but there are some things I wanted to replenish/replace as well as provide some perishables.   I like to have fish (more than any other members of the household, but I think it's a healthier protein for all of us)

So, today (Sunday January 11) DH and I did some shopping at Big Y and BJ's.

Perishable balance left for month is $147.49 and today we bought Cod 22.57 for two and a half pounds and 3.99 for nine bagels.  Balance left is $120.93

We also bought some snacks for DH lunch and awards watching (it's his favorite TV time of year, and he LOVES his TV) as well as Tazo Chai Concentrate, 8 assorted bottles of Kens Salad dressing (some on sale and some not depending on size..........but it's DH favorite dressing and when I have coupons and a sale I buy as much as I can) and cat food.   $41.52 leaving me a nonperishable balance left of $116.02

Hubby and I have both been dealing with neck and shoulder new old injuries.  I have a disk issue in my neck that effects my noter hand (violin holding hand/arm) and DH is sore from work.  As Gpa P has commandeered the heating pad....DH asked me to look at Walgreens.  As I had a coupon to earn 5000 points if you spent $30, and I was just shy of a $35.00 balance reward in just that amount, I agreed.  I got a very nice shoulder/neck heating pad for 39.99 , as well as a 4 pack of the large Kleenex boxes for $3.99 (less a .50 cents coupon).  Total spent after tax was $42.53.  I now have $35.00 to spend on items in the future at Walgreens.  If you do any Balance Rewards deals please remember NOT to use them to purchase items that you think you will earn more Balance Rewards with.  You won't receive them.  They are quite clear about it, but not all of us read the small print.  The total spent at Walgreen's was not part of my perishable/nonperishable budget, but a household/cleaning/misc expense.

Tuesday January 13th Shop Rite trip Perishable's purchased are 2 cauliflower $5.00 bananas $1.33, three pounds of onions .97, 2 dozen egglands best eggs $3.04 after store sale/coupon/mfgcoupon/ibotta.  2 gallons of milk $5.75 (after ibotta).  Total $16.09.  Balance for perishables $104.84

NonPerishables,  6 campbells soups, 2 dole vegetable soups in cartons, 2 organic vegetable broth and 4 pounds of dominos sugar (.99)  $12.20.  Balance left  for nonperishables $103.82

household/cleaning/misc 4 Arm and Hammer laundry detergent after sale/coupons 4.96 (1.24 each)

BJ's January 14th  Perishable visit  38.23 for celery, frozen berries and kale for smoothies, 4 pack of Egglands Best Just whites, Roasted red pepper hummus, Biggest jug of OJ I have ever seen (3.99) 16 oz of Crab Meat, Herb/Spring Mix.  Balance left for perishables for month $66.61

I almost bought three pounds of ground pork, but remembered the rule, the only protein I am buying this month is seafood/eggs/milk/hummus.  All else would be eat what we already have.  So I put it back.  I also DIDN'T purchase maple syrup.  Though GPa finished what we had (on oatmeal, and not sparingly) and I wanted to use some for a baked bean recipe...........I didn't get it, and I will use molasses that I already have in the house.

Sometimes the victories are in what we DON'T do/purchase.

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