Thursday, January 22, 2015 this the reason they are so high here on the East Coast?

Photo courtesy of Carrie M., North Branford CT

In my daily reading of my favorite blogs (I know, do I work??...yes ALOT...but I tend to keep busier than most.....and even in downtime of reading I am pacing or folding, or getting ready to teach, or prepping meals, etc.  

Back to eggs. Prices have been slowly increasing.  More and more I see REGULAR prices for a dozen being over three dollars, sometimes almost four dollars for a store brand.  FORGET organic eggs.  It's why I am so appreciative of the eggs I am gifted occasionally from a student.  I also am constantly on the look out for store flyer coupons, savings star, Ibotta, Target Shopping Cart deals on eggs to at least save a bit of money.    I also check BJ's wholesale for their large case of eggs (I did purchase one of these to help with my holiday baking).   The occasional .99 a dozen deal is like finding 'golden eggs!'

Well, in my daily reading of One Hundred Dollars A Month I was directed to read this NPR posting regarding new egg regulations in California.

It seems that the increased egg prices are a trickle down symptom of these new regulations.   You can read this full article here NPR article on egg regulations.

I am totally supportive of chickens living healthy happy comfortable lives.

I won't be grumbling so much about egg prices any more.


  1. Because it hurt me so to buy eggs from mistreated hens, I got my own hens and treat them like royalty. The eggs are more healthful, too.

  2. Hello Practical Parsimony. I know I knew they weren't well treated in the back of my mind, but when I did make the financial decision to buy the organic eggs it was for taste...not treatment. I've changed my thought process now on the subject. We did consider having chickens....but in our town you need 2 acres of land, and I just have over an acre (I thought this zoning was crazy, but it's what's on the books). We did talk with neighbors about sharing a coop, putting it right on our shared property line and then we would be
    within the law..............but I never wanted to mix business with we opted not to do it.

  3. I didn't ask because chickens are not allowed here, either. Just do it and apologize or have the ordinance changed. Just don't put roosters in the mix.

    Also, I do not feed my hens chicken food. They get to free range and eat green weeds and grass, so there is plenty of Omega-3 for my health.


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