Thursday, December 11, 2014

Holiday Deals

I have set a few new challenges for myself financially.  DH is supportive and participates enthusiastically (most of the time)

Pay cash for all holiday purchases.  Try to find the best deal for our wallet.  FREE is FANTASTIC!  Here are a few examples:

CVS Trips

Trip 1
Store in North Haven didn’t have good labels on products.  Items in the flyer couldn’t be found.  I did buy a Starbucks Espresso (gave to DD when I got home) and a Kraft Mac and Cheese.  Got two ECB’s back that represented full price paid.  $1.50 and $1.00 back .   I did pay 2.50 plus tax out of pocket but they gave me back 2.50 in ECB.

Trip 2
Store in Wallingford also didn’t have good labels, but I now had a few more minutes and glasses on.  I purchased DD a lipstick (Loreal, final cost .99 with ECB and coupon)  Two bags of Hershey’s kisses (final cost 1.00 each with ECB and coupons), gum and candy for stockings free after ECB.  I paid $10.09 after coupons/ECB’s.  I received  $7.99 back in ECB. 

I know that I have to now spend the ECBs (I used the first two on the second trip) But I will use those ECB’s to now buy more ECB deals that will work for stockings until I run out of them. 

Bob’s Stores
We haven’t been going to Bob’s, as DH was not happy that most of their coupons would not be honored on the products he wanted.  But I feel that if we aren’t going out of our way, and get items for others for next to nothing we should look!  Bob’s lets you stack certain deals.  He went with me for Trip 1, which was on the way home from an out of state trip.

Trip 1
Newington Store
Paid .54 cents for leggings for DD.  This was after sale/10 free coupon that said we miss you/25% off friends and family. 

Trip 2
Hamden Store
Combined with a license renewal, drop off items to a friend trip.  I had a Birthday $10 reward/$10 on any purchase and can be combined/25% off of one item.   I got DD a 30 dollar sweater for $0.00!  I even thanked the manager and asked them to tell corporate that they are very generous.

Kohls has some great stacking opportunities.  I have added together birthday $10.00 rewards, Kohl’s cash, discounts for percentages off and free shipping codes.  I have used my Kohl’s card and then paid it off immediately!    I will admit, most purchases were for me, but I did get DD a beautiful swing coat for only $40.00 (regularly $190!)   I gave it to her to wear for Thanksgiving as she needed a new warm wool coat.

I got myself my first ever cashmere sweater, was $160, on sale for $49.00.  I have $30 in Kohls cash and I got an additional 30 percent off (after the Kohls cash was deducted)  $13.30 out the door!

I made sure any other purchases that were ordered online included AT LEAST free shipping, but I also used discount codes for all but one purchase.  I also did every order I could through  Mypoints, and have almost 10,000 points that will go towards some gift certificates for our household after the holidays.  I will do a Mypoints post at a later date. 

I did pretty well.  I had one horrible experience with an ebay purchase that I am still trying to rectify.   I have returned the watch that was shipped in a manila envelope.  Yes, that’s right.  No box, no inches of bubble wrap.  Wrapped in the purchase slip and mailed in a manila envelope.  I was offered an exchange (I don’t think so!) or a refund.  I sent it back in a BOX, return receipt requested, and if I do not get my refund within 5 business days upon receipt I will dispute with my credit card company.   I haven’t paid off that balance yet.     I use credit cards when it is a company I cannot pay with cash (i.e. other state) and I then pay off the card immediately upon receipt of an acceptable product.

All in all, I think we are on track for our budget.   Even including staff (mine and his) gifts!  I’m very pleased with what we did this year. 

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