Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Zaycon Prep Day

So, this past Friday was Zaycon chicken pick up day.  My friend Margaret H is always the designated pick up person as I'm usually teaching.  I had great guilt over this, so I shared 5 strip steaks from our local grass fed CT raised beef purchase to assuage my guilt (and make room in the freezer, lol)

We had each ordered 40 pounds of chicken at $1.49 a pound (incentive price as we had bought ground beef in August....and we both have loads of that left too).  The price as I have mentioned then skyrocketed to $2.49 a pound (still a good price for hormone/antibiotic free boneless skinless breasts) .  Then a week before delivery the price went back down to $1.89 a pound.  I pounced, buying another case of 40 pounds (we planned on sharing that third case)  Margaret tried to purchase another case herself, but the delivery amount for our location sold out before she could get in on it.

When pickup day arrived, she mentioned to the gentleman loading her truck with our three cases (remember, 120 lbs) that she had tried to order more, and he said today is your lucky day.  And she was texting me that she had gotten TWO MORE CASES and needed to know when my DH would be home to let her into our second fridge.

Since I was teaching, I don't have a picture of our fridge, but here is a picture of hers, with three cases of chicken

My DD took our two cases out and drove to the studio on Saturday, where we transferred them to my vehicle and then we drove to Margaret's Mum's house.  

With Margaret and I trimming and cutting and DD vacuum packing we got 160 pounds of chicken vacuum packed in less than three hours.  Our friend Melanie L came and picked up 20 pounds, and a friend of Margaret's also received 20 pounds.  

Next purchase, I'm taking the day off.  We tried to think about marinating, grilling, other cuts or preparations but we just couldn't fit in more work. 

Yum Yum, Zaycon chicken.  

Here is a picture of Margaret's fridge AFTER the chicken was all packed in the freezer.  

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