Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Target and a freebie in the mail this week

Nice Sample received from my DM.  Three K cup samples from Chock full of Nuts and a coupon with the opportunity to get more.  I tried the Dark Roast, it was OK.  I'm very picky about coffee.  Some are this way about wine.  

Being that it's such a tight month, it was time to use the Target gift cards I've been hoarding.  I earned $35, but gave one to a student who came to her lesson on her birthday.  (The amount of reasons students don't attend lessons are getting out of hand, so I wanted to reward her).  So I had $30.00 to spend.  

It was also spend $25 get $5 off of frozen foods week.  So, with only my phone, and gift cards (no coupons) off I went. (DD came too, girl time!)

She also had a gift card of $30 that she earned at work, which she used within this order for jewelry and makeup, so I will not count those purchases in this post. 

Tostito tortilla chips 3.99 

Beef Jerky               3.99 on sale

Goldfish bulk box    6.99 not on sale, but compared to smaller pkg on sale, this was the bargain

AF wheat bread        2.42  after 10% shoppingcart* discount

Wonder Bread          2.29   less 1.00 snap

Target frozen vege    3.14   big bag of individual servings of veggies, good for me plus 10%  SC*

Target frozen vege    3.14   big bag of individual servings of veggies, good for me plus 10%  SC*

Jim Dean Bkfst 4pd   6.16   4 good for DH breakfast sandwiches, quality ingredients, 250 calories

Evol Burrito Chix       3.49   enough for the two ladies in the house to split for lunch

Evol Burrito Beef       3.49    enough for DH or Gpa P for a lunch quite oversized, why ladies would split

PF Changs eggrolls     3.03   treat for DD 5% off with SC*

4 Pace salsa, LARGE 7.47  total for all 4.  Got 10% SC* AND was buy 3 get one free DH snack of choice

2 Campbells crock pot sauces 3.98 PLUS got a box of Minute Rice Brown FREE

MP chunk cheese    5.50 got two for 2.25 each after 10% *SC)

MP snack tray cheese 3.39 after 10% *SC

Total 62.47 less saved gift cards -30.00 now 32.47 less 5.00 phone coupon $27.47 out of pocket, and $1.00 back from so $26.47.  I was happy with this haul.  

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