Thursday, October 30, 2014

House Party, fun way to try products for free NO Cost to you (and noreferral link from me)

A lot of fun if you get chosen to host a 'House Party'.  I haven't done one in the last few years,  I recently tried to get in on, and was chosen for a Tazo Chai party.

You do have to blog about it (if you have one) post pictures on social media and jump through a few hoops on twitter/facebook, but it only take a few minutes.

I usually host the event at the studio with my ensemble.  It's an easy way to give them a treat as well as get some freebies for me.  I will be hosting these beverages with the ensemble this week!

In the past I have gotten a coffee maker (best one!)  Dozens of glade products, Aprons, cutting boards, bowls, samples to share with 'guests' plus free coupons to share too.

This one I really didn't get a 'keeper' for future use item, but I did get a over a dozen TAZO tea bags, a carton of their concentrated Tazo Spice liquid, game ideas, cups, and coupons for free products to share with my guests.

Here are photos of what I received.  I was impressed with the packaging.  Came delivered by UPS.

Visit and see if you qualify for a party today!

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