Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Watching $$ and eating well

It is possible to feed your family a healthy, well balanced diet if you are aware of what's available.  Don't overlook that reduced produce rack.

I check our local produce markets reduced produce rack at least twice a week.  I drive by it twice a day, so it's not out of my regular routine or travels.

This week I was able to get two one pound bags of broccoli rabe (normally 2.99 a pound) for .80 a pound.  It was still in good shape, the ends were starting to brown.  That's it!  $1.60 for two pounds that I am now sauteing in olive oil and garlic.  That's 50% off regular price.

Bananas are a regular at the reduced bin, and yes, sometimes they are so brown they are only good for breads.  But my market also puts singles together and then marks them .29 a pound.  Still half green.  No brown spots at all.  6 bananas for .96 cents.  All ready for cereal or just eating.  When they turn brown (if there are any left) I will freeze them for a baking day.

Yellow squash.  Oddly shaped, with some blemishes but no scrapes/holes/rotten spots.  Just not the pretty ones.  Regular price was 1.99 a pound.  I paid .89 cents a pound.  Two pounds was $1.78.  Less than 50% off regular price.

Cucumbers.  Regular price .79 each.  I got 5 in a pack for 1.29.  All still firm, no mushy spots, just not picture perfect.  I believe these were 66% off regular price.

Onions, which we needed were also bagged up in the reduced section.  I cannot for the life of me figure out why.  Still firm, no mushy spots, skins nice and shiny still.  I got 3 lbs for .89 cents.

Not a bad day at the produce market if you ask me!

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