Thursday, September 18, 2014

Shop Rite big spend

I go to Shop Rite most Tuesday mornings when they open at 7 a.m.  I usually just get the loss leaders, spending the $25.00 to get the coupon deals on the front of the flyer.  The most I've usually spent is below $55.00 until today.

My total after sale/coupons was 128.98   Enough that the cashier (who now knows me by name) commented, 'I think this is the most you have ever spent with us'.  Yes, you are correct Mary Ann.

I had $77.98 in coupon savings.  Approximately 37.5 percent savings.  Not the best, but I am happy with the purchase I made.

With a flyer coupon deal of a full pork loin at a 1.49 a pound (with a 25.00 purchase) this was the main purpose of the trip (and I shamefully will admit, I drove all the way there, thank goodness only 5 minutes away via backroads, to have to turn around again because I did NOT cut out the flyer coupons).  I paid $15.63 after the coupon deal for 10.48 pounds of pork loin.

I cut it up this morning to provide a pork roast (for when the Uncle is here from California later in October) which will also provide leftovers , two packages of 6 thick pork chops (for when Gpa P is eating with us) and one package of 4 pork chops (when it's just myself, DH and DD)  I always provide 2 chops per man at the meal. That's $3.12 per meal, or a hopeful .78 cents per plate protein serving.  I account for 6 people the first night of the roast (DD, Gpa, DH, DD bf, Uncle, myself), at least three servings leftovers (or I might dice up the meat and save for a future casserole/soup meal by freezing) and 11 chop servings.  I was very pleased with this purchase, as in the past I have gotten it for no less than $1.89 a pound.

They were also having their chef's fair sale (something to do with Rachel Ray and other celebrity chefs, I didn't really read up on it, just saw what was on special because of it)  I got 4 more of their organic brand of vegetable stock, 3 turkey and 1 chicken.  All for $1.49 each.  I haven't been roasting any birds lately, so stocking up when I can.  I did go to Dollar Tree yesterday, but they only had Beef stock, which I have plenty of. 

I got an 8 pack of Sparkle towels for 2.88 after sale/store coupon/mfg coupon

I purchased $20.00 of Goya products which were on sale (and then deducted 2.50 in coupons) and will also get $5.00 back from savings star.  So, 12.50 for rice, olive oil, 9 cans of beans and seasonings.  Hubby will be happy, as he likes Goya products. 

8 jars of Colonna Sauce at .77 a jar.  This is even cheaper than their can can sale. 

5 yogurts for DH (on sale for 5 for $4.00)  not their best price, I usually stock up when they are 10 for $6, I'll have to get more next time this sale runs. 

10 yogurts for DD on sale for 10/$10, minus 2 in coupons.  

3 boxes of Barilla pasta, .89 cents each.  We actually do not eat a lot of pasta, but figured it would be a nice treat. 

1 family sized  pouch of starkist tuna, after .75 doubled coupon I paid $1.19

2 cans of Starkist albacore canned, $1.48 total spent after another doubled coupon. 

3 cases of water for the daily drinking.  I wish I could get everyone on board with filtered water, but so far not happening.  

2 gallons of shoprite water (.89 each) that I hid in the basement for emergencies.  I plan on buying at least two gallons each time I go into a big store.   I have to hide them as Gpa P will only give his dog bottled water, and I refuse to purchase any items for the dog (long story and a personal grudge). 

2 pounds of Shop rite butter on sale for not so great a price of 3.49 a pound.  Especially when it looks like either I or DH bought some butter and froze it and I didn't realize it.  Oh well, it will get used eventually, and I will have to make a note not to buy anymore until it goes for a really good price.  Any thoughts on what the lowest ticket price of butter might be?

2 16 ounce containers of Sour Cream, one regular, one light, 1.49 each.  We haven't had some in a while, and DD requested. 

5 pounds bag Eastern Potatoes .99 and another dozen eggs .99.  I will not pay more than .99 for eggs, if I cannot find that price, we won't get them. 

Two more tubes of Pepsodent, DH's favorite tooth paste, .88 each.  

3 cartons of Minute Maid lemonade (pink)  not a great sale price, 1.99, but he has requested for several weeks, so I bought the last 3 cartons they had. 

That's it!  After coupons 128.09.  Paid 80 cash, 48.09 from debit card.  

How did you do this week on shopping?

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