Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New farm stand (to me) and stocking up on supplies

Down the main Route from our house (17) there has always been a strawberry field.  Now there is also a very large produce stand, attached to the Christoforo Farms fields.  I went there today as I haven't made it to the farmers market (a shopping and social event with my sister most Sunday's) in the last two weeks.

I was pleasantly surprised.  Closer than the produce market that is usually closed when I'm on my way home in the evening....I could actually walk to this stand if I am feeling overly energetic.

For 16 dollars I got two large Zucchini, 3 large Golden Zucchini, 10 pickling cukes, 4 large slicing tomatoes, 2 pints of grape tomatoes and 6 ears of corn.  I watched them pick the corn and then bring it into the stand, why I bought this unplanned purchase.  About what I would have paid at the produce market I normally shop at, just closer to the house, and I can really see where the produce came from.  The plants are all right there.  That to me is a 'no brainer'.

They also had lots of fall annuals and other plants, as well as bread from local bakeries.  I plan on stocking up on tomatoes for making sauce within the next week or so.  I also will make more produce purchases there until the season runs out.

At BJ's warehouse I spent $185.00.  $85 was items for the studio, cleaning and office supplies.  For the house there were snack sized items for DH and DD lunches. Trail mix, cheeze-it crackers and fiber one fruit snacks.   I know that most will feel this is not frugal, but in our house; where if GPa P see's a bag open he consumes the entire thing, this is much more frugal.  I hide these snack sizes in several key places (and as far as I know he has never found any of them) I can make these purchases last for over a month.

I also got personal care items for the house, mouthwash, aspirin, ibuprofen, baby wipes (for makeup removal and other things) milk, shredded cheese, hebrew national salami (a fav of hubbies, I only buy it every few months) a loaf of rye bread. Fresh Express iceburg salad mix (in the long run, this is cheaper than buying two heads of iceburg lettuce and then washing/shredding), three pounds of mushrooms.

It's been a big spend day.  Tomorrow will be even bigger.  More news on that later.

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