Sunday, September 7, 2014

First week of school year schedule..........means a busy week

Well, this past week was a blur.  I thought my private schedule was going to lighten up, instead I added 5 more students instead of going down by 4.  40 hours of private teaching a week, and adding 4 group classes and ensembles by the end of the month.  Never mind events, billing, newsletter, masterclass planning, record keeping regarding lessons and any performances I have booked.  Whoa!

But it's all good.  I am very lucky to love what I do, and I take a true interest in every student at the studio, whether I teach them or not.  So I asked a lot of 'how is school, tell me about your teacher' questions to every child who walked into the studio.  I explained to a new family (whose child I was not going to teach) I consider myself surrogate grandma to all of our students, and want them to know I care.  Very important to me, as the studio owner that I know each family.

I'm also very lucky to have a very supportive husband, who is very involved at the studio.  Speaking of DH, he was very busy at the local fair working the fundraising booth for his Lodge.  In fact, many of our students made sure to say hello to "Mr. J"

 So, since we were both so busy.... that meant not much shopping and/or cooking for either of us this week.

He cooked hot dogs one night, grilled boneless/skinless chicken thighs.  I made two huge (and I mean HUGE) chef salads.  I ate a lot of salads.

 Had a free item at SB, and got an egg salad sandwich.  I also got my hair done  (barter client).

I did do 2 Target deals for Starbucks K cups.  First was three boxes at 11.99 each minus 5.50 in coupons minus 5 percent (used Target credit card which I pay off the next day after using it) paid 28.95.  Got a five dollar gift card back, so technically paid 23.95.   Just under .50 a k cup.

Second deal, almost as good, this time only had 4.50 in coupons.  Still got another five dollar gift card.  $24.95  Almost .52 cents a k cup.

Staff luncheon after teaching on Saturday, and then rush home to get DH as we had tickets to Fiddler on the Roof at the Good Speed.  It was amazing.  I don't get 'wowwed' very often, but this one had me speechless.

Today DH again had to be at the local fair.  I took protein's out of the freezer, picked apples in the back yard, did four loads of laundry.  Got the cat's food and litter.  Caught up on bookkeeping for the business.  Did a basic tidy up cleaning of the main rooms.  Made the bed.  Made a delightful soup.

3 large carrots, 4 ribs of celery, 1 large onion, garlic, green pepper.  All diced up and softened in olive oil.  Added cumin and chili powder.  Three cans of black beans, one carton of beef broth, two cups of water.  All thrown into the crockpot on high.  Four hours later, Gpa P consumed over half of it.  LOL

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